Category 12 November 2020

Improving operational efficiency in the London Market

The London Market is inherently complex, with many friction heavy processes and data silos. All of this complexity impacts operational efficiency. It creates an unacceptably high cost case base. Up to 40% of premium costs are eaten up in acquisition costs. The time for change is now.

Applications like low-code enable you to seamlessly exchange data and reduce data disconnects. This means you can tie together legacy systems with new applications. Powerful operational efficiency that delivers the information you need and a great customer experience.

In this short video, in collaboration with TIN – The Insurance Network, James Lawrence, Sales Director -Netcall, discusses current challenges for the London Market and how low-code can be used to transform operational efficiency and improve CX.

It explores:

  • What key challenges exist for the industry?
  • How can low-code help solve these challenges?
  • Specific examples of projects we’ve already worked on

You can learn more about how we are helping accelerate digital journeys for the London Market. Visit our Netcall for London Market Insurance page.


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