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The platform for a digital-first future in the NHS

Ever-increasing demands

Health organisations are having to cope with ever-increasing demands for their services.

At the same time, they are focusing on areas (including the use of technology) to help deliver better patient outcomes in the most effective and efficient way.

When it comes to IT systems, health organisations face many challenges including:

  • Many systems are not interoperable
  • Multiple internal silos of activity
  • Ever changing targets, mandates and requirements from government
  • Limited resources and tight budgets
  • A long list of desired transformation projects
  • Hitting government target quotas
The UK must level up digital health equalities to ensure long term sustainability of  health and social care - Sajid Javid

What’s needed is the ability to address all of the organisation’s process needs with a single technology platform. One which interoperates with existing systems and maximises the speed of delivery of new innovation.

This enables pan-organisation transformation, whether there is a specific business case attached for each process redevelopment or not.

As the UK Health Secretary stated recently when outlining the Department of Health & Social Care’s seven major cultural lessons for the NHS, “better tech means better healthcare”.

Making that a reality is now the challenge.

What is low-code…

…What is Liberty Create?

It is the easiest way to develop business applications, fast. It’s needed because the traditional way of building software is ill-suited to the ever-growing pace of innovation that organisations, such as hospital trusts, are looking for. See our feature What is low-code for further information.

Low-code addresses the three key problems with traditional software development by making the process:

  • Faster – typically apps can be built 10x faster than traditional methods
  • Simpler – low-code removes the complexity of app development
  • Less expensive – apps can be built without the need for expensive development resources

The Liberty Platform has exceptional NHS specific integration across contact centre, omnichannel messaging and low-code applications.

Liberty Create has a strong focus on delivering patient excellence with the apps that can be built on the platform. It has been designed for clinical and admin staff, along with IT people to build their own apps, relying on IT to manage the environment within which those apps operate. This includes integration with PAS and HL7.

This allows genuine collaboration between the business and IT, building apps that can automate process and support a rapid move to a digital-first approach.

What is RPA…

…What is Liberty RPA?

It uses software robots to perform a list of actions to automate a task. This list of actions is typically created by watching the user perform that task on screen, mimicking their actions to perform the automation. See our feature What is robotic process automation for more of an explanation.

It can improve process quality and speed and reduce human errors.

Liberty RPA brings AI power to bear for even more capable automations than before.

Couple it with Liberty Create and more process automation possibilities are opened up for attended and unattended use. Together, Create and RPA form the core of the Intelligent Automation Platform – a strategic solution to address NHS automation challenges.

Liberty Create allows very rapid building and delivery of systems in health. It’s not a single application – it’s a platform on which multiple applications can quickly be built to make a difference in every part of the organisation.

Its simplicity allows those closest to the requirement to build their own apps. And because they understand the processes that need automation, those apps can be built right-first-time, with that understanding built in.

Together Create and RPA make automation and integration with NHS systems easier and more powerful than ever before.

A joined up hospital

is the best a hospital can be

Legacy systems

Most NHS estates have more than 300 legacy systems. Some of these will not match the interoperability vision and budgets will never stretch to replacing them all.

Create and RPA extract data from these systems and make it available for new and existing apps and systems.

Legacy systems

Apps are designed to improve and automate key processes, so you don’t have to rip and replace legacy systems.

The platform allows integration of data silos with a new generation of apps. These are designed to be quick and easy to maintain so change can be easily effected and managed.

Benefits for NHS

Liberty Automation for Health provides a range of benefits for health needs:

  • A single, easy-to-use platform to rapidly build apps to automate processes. Use it to build multiple apps and automations at no extra cost, so you can redesign processes that will deliver a strong return-on-investment (ROI). And then you can use it to address process areas which are just as important, but where ROI is harder to prove.
  • Allows your business and IT people to collaborate and proactively address the organisation’s needs – at a pace that’s never been possible before.

  • Simplifies integration with existing systems, removing silos and providing a single version of the truth. Modern front-ends can be built to bring together data from multiple back-end systems, delivering information in a powerful and actionable way.
  • There’s no need to remove existing systems. Create and RPA build upon investments already made to deliver modern health and process apps which are fit for the ever-changing needs of today.

  • Create and RPA are developed by Netcall and they are part of our Liberty Platform, which is designed to deliver world-class customer experience.
  • There’s no need to remove existing systems. Create and RPA can build upon investments already made to deliver modern health and process apps which are fit for the ever-changing needs of today.
Liberty Platform

For more than 20 years, Netcall has partnered with the NHS to deliver transformative technology and improve patient experience.

More than 75% of UK acute NHS Trusts rely on Netcall technology.

Our strong understanding of the needs of healthcare along with
cutting-edge technology platforms makes Netcall the perfect partner to help deliver the move to digital-first processes across the NHS.

NHS trust blueprint map 2020

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Use cases for automation in health

Pharmacy labelling process automated

Processing each hospital pharmacy order is a very manual process with no room for error. Making sure the correct drugs and corresponding amounts are prescribed to the right patient are vital.

automate pharmacy discharge process

When a patient is discharged from hospital, nine times out of ten they have been receiving prescription drugs as an inpatient. Once that patient has been discharged, the pharmacy must cancel their prescriptions.

Mass testing

To support the mass testing effort for COVID-19, we have created this app alongside an NHS customer. The app, built on Liberty Create, will manage the entire process from the LAMP or Lateral Flow test, through to issuing results.

NHS waiting list priorities

NHS England have asked hospitals to contact patients to check if they still need their operations. The outcomes will help determine waiting list priorities.