On-demand webinar | Show and Tell

Liberty Create and Converse collaborating

Recorded: Thursday, 7th May 2020

Liberty Create and Converse collaborating – Community Show and Tell

Led by our Community Team, this webinar demonstrates how Liberty Create and Converse work seamlessly together to provide solutions that can help you.

Watch a live demonstration of multiple media types coming into the Liberty Converse Contact Centre and then feeding into our Create low-code platform. Next, we reverse the process and show Create feeding requests into Liberty Converse based on a trigger or process stage reached, with an overview of how that works technically. Finally, we share an exciting sneak peek at a new feature coming to Create: video interactions.

Seeing Liberty Create and Converse collaborating is a must-see for all Liberty Create and Converse customers.

Please note: This webinar was hosted by our Community team who are all based in different locations due to the UK’s lockdown. At times, the quality of this recording was impacted.


The workplace has changed drastically over the course of this year – and even as some people return to the office, social distancing measures have led to speculation that COVID-19 could mean the end of call and contact centres. However, these centres employ 4% of the UK’s working population, and – due to increasingly complex customer needs – are a must-have to ensure business success.