Feature Sheet – Liberty Create for Microsoft Teams

If your organisation is one of those benefitting from the collaboration tool Microsoft Teams, we now have an extensive integration between Microsoft Teams and Liberty Create.

Introducing Liberty Create for Microsoft Teams

You can now download Liberty Create from within the Microsoft Teams App Store. Once installed, cases created within your low-code apps can be pushed directly to channels in Microsoft Teams. The Liberty Create app can appear as a tab within Microsoft Teams enabling case information to be viewed, updated and shared with colleagues working in the Microsoft Teams environment.

In addition, you can enable a response or chat button in Microsoft Teams so that comments can be passed backwards and forwards. For example, when a staff member registers their working availability for the day in their Liberty Create app, their work status can be sent to colleagues and made available immediately within Microsoft Teams.

You can read or download the full Liberty Create in Microsoft Teams feature sheet here.

Get Liberty Create in Microsoft Teams fact sheet
  • Keep colleagues updated on the status of key processes across the organisation
  • Begin new processes inside Teams
  • Send real-time alerts and actions to colleagues using Teams

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