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If you want someone to do something… make it simple

Netcall Patient Hub does exactly that

The greatest barrier to any kind of technology is that it’s too difficult to use. If the new thing you want people to do, is much more hassle than what they’re used to, they just won’t do it.

However, if the new way removes barriers, is faster, more efficient, more informative, helpful and no hassle at all… the chances are people will adopt it willingly, often without even thinking about it. Because it’s easy.


That’s exactly how Patient Hub works. Let’s take a look at how Patient Hub can help at every step along the journey.

Appointments made easy

Patients need nothing more complicated than their phone and their date of birth to access their appointments. Book, confirm, rearrange all at the touch of a button. And they get easy access to digital letters, leaflets and reminders.

On arrival

To help manage social distancing at the hospital, patients can simply click a link when they arrive in the car-park and wait to be called in.

Getting results

Patients get quick and secure access to their test results. Patients get an SMS with a link to the portal. Using two factor authentication, they can get instant access to their results.

Accessing educational videos

Patients can easily access educational videos to learn about their treatment or procedure. They can watch pre or post appointment videos at their own pace.

Attending video appointments

Instead of asking patients to type in long complex URLS to video appointments from appointment letters, they simply click a link. They can access their video appointment directly in the portal, no matter which video provider you use.

Accessing their clinical care record

Patients can access their clinical care record, for example Patient Knows Best, directly from the portal. So they only have one log in, with instant access to all their details.

Feeding back after the appointment

The friends and family test or post admission surveys can be sent direct to the patients mobile after the appointment. And because it is so easy, more patients complete them.

Easy for the booking centre too

Because Patient Hub is fully integrated into your booking centre, your advisors get real-time information. Patients can easily request a call back straight from the portal too.

It’s not just easy for the patient, but it’s better for staff and saves money too! Want to learn more? Take a look at how Patient Hub works and hear from some of our NHS and Healthcare customers.

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We understand the strain that Did Not Attend (DNA) rates put on the NHS. Patient Hub can reduce patient DNAs by >45%. That’s not just a big saving – that’s huge.