Category 12 April 2021

Mass testing for COVID-19 application

See the mass testing app in action

To support the mass testing effort for COVID-19, we have created this app alongside an NHS customer. The app, built on Liberty Create, will manage the entire process from the LAMP or Lateral Flow test, through to issuing results. And our new barcode scanning feature will be used to link patients to lab results.

Staff members who are required to take regular COVID-19 tests can simply log-in and submit their instant Lateral Flow test results. Or they can submit their swabs for a LAMP test by scanning the barcode on their sample before putting it in the post.

These videos take you through the entire process. You can see it from the administrators view, as well as the staff members and the lab assistants.

The users

This video shows the three user types, the administrator, the staff member and the lab assistant. It shows what their responsibilities are and how they work together to complete the process.


The admin view

This video shows how the administrator can set up their organisation and register their staff members. It also shows how they can manage their users and see results.


The staff member’s view

This video shows how a staff member can log-in. They can then either submit their instant Lateral Flow results or they can submit their swabs for LAMP tests.


The lab’s view

This video shows the app from the lab’s point of view. It shows what they do when they receive the samples, how to upload the results and how the staff members are then updated.


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