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NCP transforms CX through real-time data and insight

NCP can now react and resource for required changes immediately, which has improved call handling and the customer experience.

Project highlights

  • Can now react and resource for required changes immediately
  • Improved call handling enhances the customer experience
  • Integrated email handling is 6 times faster
  • Simple integration with legacy software
  • Easy to use interface

Responding quickly in a crisis

What’s the correlation between an airline and a car park services provider? Well, in 2017, when Monarch collapsed, most of the 110,000 people who were left stranded abroad, had cars parked at airports across the UK. So, the Monarch crisis sparked a huge workload spike for the NCP contact centre.

Enhancing the customer experience (CX) has always been high on the agenda for the multi-award winning car park operator. However, the impact of this unexpected event was more than enough to throw any contact centre into chaos.

And yet it didn’t.

Real-time data management

This was the first major incident that NCP faced since they had fully adopted Liberty Converse, our omnichannel contact centre solution.

In the past, crisis moments were uncoordinated and reactive: NCP had limited channels to monitor performance. Often, each customer contact was dealt with in isolation, without shared information or resources. Now, with Converse, NCP has the luxury of real-time data management, which has the added benefit of enhancing the customer experience.

Real-time data gives NCP an insight into the root cause of problems. They can understand why something is happening, so they can resource and plan for it in the immediate future. Sometimes that means the next 10 minutes.

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From a customer services perspective, the airline crisis was tough. But having full visibility of customer contact put us in a strong position. We were able to assess demand vs. available resource and respond to deliver the best service possible.

Seeing the bigger picture

Converse has enabled managers to manage their teams and allocate resources very effectively. They can standardise practises and analyse performance, on an individual and team level.

This has led to a huge increase in NCP’s ability to resolve each customer’s issue quickly, efficiently, and to everyone’s satisfaction.

Email handling is now six times faster

Converse isn’t just a game-changer in crisis situations. The deep integration it offers with NCP’s legacy software, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, includes a screen pop up and automatic case creation when a customer makes contact – by phone, email, web chat, from a ticket machine or barrier intercom.

Prior to Converse, NCP had been struggling with a three week backlog of emails. The increased visibility meant that they were able to assign more resources to reduce the backlog. Integrated email handling in Converse has increased the speed and effectiveness of response from NCP as emails can be identified and routed by their subject.

This means that email handling is now a staggering six times faster. Handling time has also dropped to the Service Level Agreement of just two days.

Focus on First Contact Resolution (FCR)

Converse is fast and efficient. Its smooth integration with legacy software means it is simple to work with. It makes everyone’s job easier.

Its implementation has led NCP to a positive change in the way they measure success. Now, the approach is to solve problems, rather than ‘firefight’. The watertight integration between Converse and the CRM provides accurate reporting, and this data highlights areas for potential improvement.

Converse helps NCP to see what people are doing, as well as how and why. So, they can assess and enhance the customer experience, as well as the ‘journey’ of the interaction with the customer. They can now see what works best.

Like many contact centres, NCP had previously focused on how quickly issues were dealt with. But the data Converse delivered, showed that it was actually more efficient to resolve an issue to the customer’s satisfaction the first time, even if it took a little longer. So, Converse has enabled NCP to shift focus. Enhancing the customer experience is now the absolute top priority.

Delivering great customer experience has always been important to NCP. As the frontline of our brand, our contact centre plays a vital role within this. The ability to understand our data in real-time and ask “why” ensures we are well-equipped to deliver positive outcomes, even in unexpected circumstances.

Learn about Liberty Converse.

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