Blueprint – Partnering with police forces

Manage your police force demands, focus your front-line services and redirect your non-urgent calls.

Police departments are under enormous strain. Everyone is doing their best with available resources, yet the speed of response is always under public scrutiny.

For police forces around the country, our call handling solutions and automatic call distribution (ACD) ensure that the right people are in the right place, at the right time.

Our solutions enhance call handling capabilities

The public contact the police when they are in need. Urgent and routine contacts must be handled quickly and efficiently, but differently.

Over 50% of UK police forces use Netcall solutions to help point 101 caller demand at the most appropriate resource.

Liberty Converse, our contact centre solution, provides an effective first point of contact, efficiently allowing callers to access services and facilities.

Our suite of tools includes speech self-service and automation speech solutions. These work seamlessly 24/7 to help police forces deliver exceptional customer service across a broad range of routine activities, including:

  • ContactPortal uses speech recognition to direct 70% of calls to their destination and reduces demand on agents
  • IVR with voice form capture for routine requests, which helps customers to self-serve and reduces inbound pressure
  • Forces use our call back to flatten call peaks and reassure their communities that they will get back to them
  • Our contact centre routes calls to any location on any device. Remote and distributed working is enabled as teams and managers have centralised real-time dashboards and reporting for SLA alerts. Agents have supervisor support at the touch of a button
  • Integrated workforce management and call recording supports training and quality control
  • If you choose to add on webchat and web assistance or chatbots for FAQs, it’s handy to know they are simple to install

Read the Partnering with Police Forces Blueprint here.

Liberty Converse

A complete omnichannel contact centre solution built with the customer journey in mind.


Using ContactPortal and voicemail solutions we have made significant efficiency savings and improved internal communications. By removing internal calls from the switchboard, queuing time has considerably reduced, ensuring a customer focused service to the public.