Obligation tracker for long lifespan processes

Recorded: Thursday 22nd April 2021

Ensure on-going communications with Citizen Hub Framework

Keep control of every process, across its lifespan. Whether they are long or short processes. And, keep everyone updated, every step of the way.
It’s easy to think about short processes such as waste, highways, or even blue badge. But things get more complicated with long lifespan processes. There are service level agreement (SLA) gates at many points as well as an end-to-end agreed outcome. Which is difficult to manage over a long period of time as people leave or things are lost.

And, many long processes such as S106 or Community infrastructure levy (CIL) have high financial value to councils. So you need to keep control of third parties’ obligations and be able to easily hold them to account.

Built on low-code, our Citizen Hub Framework allows you to automate any process, long or short. You’ll see how you can snooze steps, then wake-up and alert colleagues when they are due. You can automate communications to customers or third parties with updates or request for action.

During this webinar you hear from Sherif Attia, Business Consultant, iESE, Darren Hartley, Solution Architect and Simon Pike, Market Solution Specialist of Netcall. They explore:

  • Business impact of missing SLAs inside processes
  • Risks attached to performance success for long processes
  • Effectively managing long lifespan activity such as S106 or CIL
  • The benefits of letter templates delivering consistent auditable outputs

Watch the demo of our S106 process, just one example of long lifespan processes. It’s in the AppShare; free for our platform users to download.


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