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One Year On

The apps we built, and how that success is helping to drive our future

Recorded: Wednesday 28th April 2021

What we’ve learned in one year of the pandemic

As we passed the year anniversary of the first national lockdown, we took a look back at how our local government customers coped. We looked at the apps they built and how councils learned to pivot, reacting to the unknown. All while keeping the business running as usual.

We also look to the future. This crisis built a greater understanding of their community’s needs and the tasks ahead. And local government teams know that their work will have a broader reach within communities and service areas.

Hosted by The Public Sector Digital Transformation Forum, this event explored how teams will meet their internal demand as they drive transformation change. And how everything needs to adjust to resource constraints and internal frameworks.

Our panel consisted of four innovator councils. They discussed their experience, specific apps and their future plans. You can watch the recordings below.

London Borough of Croydon

Kevin Rowe discussed the Croydon Digital leadership strategy, and provided an overview of the benefits. He also talked through the impact on the team after one year with low-code. We learn about the reusable digital apps, their use and the contribution to the community. And we hear about their plans for the next five years.


Adur & Worthing District Councils

Adur & Worthing are digital pioneers and have been using low-code since 2015. Jan Jonker and James Bovington discuss how, as a skilled team, they discovered that COVID brought new learnings about what you can achieve with intense focus. They share their project approach of using a set time and flexible scope to create an agile environment for changed outcomes.


Cumbria County Council

Craig Barker discussed how their team delivered for COVID and transformation projects in 2020. He shares how they are now supporting Commissioning in Adult Social Care.

We ask Craig to help other councils with ways to empower change.


South Hams District Council

Mike Ward covers how low-code made changes easy during COVID, and how they have customised the front end.

He comments on their platform approach, digital strategy, Teams integration and their goals for end-to-end integration with omnichannel.

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