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Recorded 3rd November 2022

A little slice of #LocalGovCamp, especially for you

Netcall is on a mission to give digital control back to Councils with end-to-end tech. Our Manifesto for Local Government tells you more about that. In a nutshell, we think you should be empowered to use a range of tools to deliver end-to-end process improvements.

And it’s why we’re inviting you to stop, collaborate and listen…and watch this demo webinar (first recorded at #LocalGovCamp earlier this year) where we look at how end-to-end tech RPA, AI, omnichannel and low-code can help do just that – take back control.

Why watch?

This webinar is different to the others. You’ll see all these tech tools work seamlessly together, within one end-to-end process.

And it’s not rocket science or nirvana. It’s just the way our platform works.

In the demo, you’ll learn how:

  • Our intelligent front-end effectively routes customers using cues (allowing them to easily upload documents and make payments)
  • The back-end (just as intelligent) joins up the data to provide single-view agent case monitoring
  • Middle and remote workers are kept up-to-date, for a true end-to-end process

Watch the webinar
to see how these tech tools work together


Our presenters

John Sheehan

Solutions Architect

John Sheehan Senior Solution Architect

A senior solutions architect with a long-term specialism in Local Government systems.  John has hands-on experience in supporting councils to effectively deliver their strategy goals. 

Richard Boddington

Account Director

Richard Boddington Account Director – Local Government

Richard has worked with Local Government and the wider public sector for over 22 years. He’s worked with councils to deliver a range of leading-edge technologies which support digital and business transformation. 

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