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Ideas Capture, Agile Project Management & Appointment Booking

Recorded: Thursday 31st March 2022

Can a generic SaaS project management tool drive productivity in your project? And keep you connected to your stakeholders?

No. Not without customisation and a collection of plugins. Hear how a handful of SaaS Project Management tools compare to a solution constructed using Liberty Create and AppShare accelerators.

Our own Netcall Digital Enablement Team have been running a transformation programme. They needed to evolve the project tooling. They needed to organise feedback from the business, manage project tasks and provide the business with progress updates. All this, whilst reducing the admin overhead.

Watch the recording below to find out how we:

  • Empowered the business to enrich feedback items
  • Consolidated and simplified our project management tooling
  • Improved our reporting capability
  • Automated communication of updates to the business
  • Reduced our dependency on third party products, plugins and subscriptions
  • Are already planning our next iteration of enhancements.

See how Liberty Create can provide a mechanism to deliver a digital appointment booking system. That helps organisations manage customers’ self-booking of appointments. This solution can be used to replace any legacy appointment booking process with an online system configured in Liberty Create.

Three different user interfaces were covered during the presentation:

  • Customer Interface: We will cover how customers can create, view, update and delete their appointments.
  • Agent Interface: This interface allows the Agents / Booking Clerks to create, view, update and delete appointment information for all customers in the system. If allowed, they can maintain the number of available slots in the system and register new customers.
  • Administrator Interface: See how an administrator can set up customers, locations, time ranges and slots. Plus add core message content that is for use on both on web pages and within SMS messages.


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