Category 11 January 2021

ContactPortal 10 minute demo

Save costs, reduce call traffic and improve call efficiency

Your switchboard is a busy place with internal and external calls. Nobody wants to wait on hold for minutes, whether it’s a customer with a simple question or a member of staff trying to connect with another department.

Our sophisticated speech bot, ContactPortal, helps to reduce call traffic. It reliably and accurately routes calls and keeps staff connected, wherever they are working and regardless of what device they are on. It can take the strain while you are handling increased call volumes, such as right now with COVID.

To see ContactPortal in action, watch this demo with John Sheehan, one of our Solution Architects. In just 10 minutes, he’ll demonstrate some calls, and show you around the administration, explaining how easy it is to manage and make quick changes. Plus, he shows the stats and reports that back up the improved performance that ContactPortal can deliver to your call handling.


See it for yourself

Take a one on one tour around ContactPortal – we can show you more details and examples from your own sector

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ContactPortal, our sophisticated speech bot that lets you streamline your call handling service. It reliably and accurately routes calls and soon becomes your polite and efficient front-line switchboard operator.

Are you tasked with reducing call traffic, when call volumes are increasing? Want to make staff easily contactable, even when they’re not working onsite? An operator speech bot may hold the key to increasing call efficiency, saving costs and enabling your Operators to be deployed for additional tasks.