Live panel discussion

Leave no patient behind – leave no appointment slot unfilled

Recorded Tuesday 23rd August

Live panel discussion and Q&A

In this live panel Q&A with James Rawlinson, Chief Information Officer (CIO), The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, and Jacqueline Leahy, Deputy Operational Manager, Hampshire NHS Trust we discussed how the move to digital patient appointment management also means a move towards inclusivity, leaving no patient behind and leaving no patient appointment unfilled.

With a narrative building that the move to digital risks writing off certain groups of the population, like the older generation, how do you make sure the use of patient portals such as Patient Hub improves patient choice rather than narrows it? How do you harness your legacy tech including analogue as part of your digital-first strategy?

We discussed with our panel how they have:

  • Successfully deployed digital technology to help patients be more involved in the management of their own care
  • Moved to digital appointment management whilst patients that need to, can still easily speak to an advisor on the phone
  • Demonstrated clear benefits of moving to a digital engagement strategy – in terms of cash-releasing savings and improved patient experience