Reduce on-the-day cancellations with Patient Hub peri-operative surveys

Recorded: Thursday 24th March

Use digital peri-operative surveys to prevent on-the-day cancellations and improve utilisation

In this webinar, we discussed the key challenges around effectively managing patient readiness for elective surgery. Patient Hub supports your goal in making sure patients are clinically ready for treatment, reducing on-the-day cancellations. With Patient Hub, our patient portal, patients are able to self-serve and answer routine pre-operative questions in the comfort of their own homes, making sure they are theatre ready.

In this session we explored how Patient Hub, Netcall’s patient portal, can:

  • Prevent on-the-day cancellations
  • Create bespoke surveys by department
  • Trigger surveys based on appointment workflow
  • Adapt care following a clinician’s review of the survey
  • Save theatre time and improve resource utilisation
  • Adapt to support your PIFU plan

So, whether you’re new to Patient Hub or already familiar with the tech, learn how you can get more patients theatre ready first-time and improve theatre utilisation.


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