Webinar: SOCITM

How to make the business case for low-code

Recorded: 19 April 2023

Take back control

Now more than ever, local government needs technology that can free them from the constraints of legacy applications. They need technology that can save them money, not cost more. And they need technology that enables the best use of their own teams, rather than have to pay for expensive external support.

Netcall’s low-code platform – Liberty Create – is helping lots of UK councils do all of this, and more.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Netcall and Newcastle City Council on the best way to set out the business case for investing in a low-code platform — to achieve all of these benefits.

Get practical steps from councils on what’s needed for success in making the business case for low-code.

Hear from this expert panel:

  • Paul Doney, ICT Manager at Newcastle City Council
  • Kate Hurr, Product Owner at Netcall
  • Richard Boddington, Account Director at Netcall

Learn how to make the business case for low-code — and the benefits and opportunities on offer.


Video contains automated captions

Technology’s role in our lives continues to grow. Smart cities, for example, are on the rise — where places leverage and integrate technologies, data, communications and collaboration to facilitate a range of objectives. These goals include: making citizens lives better, generating revenue and promoting sustainability.