Unlocking a better digital claims service

A smooth and seamless way to better CX

Reduce the cost of a better customer experience

Your customers want great CX claims service. You need to reduce operational costs and improve processes. It can feel like an impossible task.

Delivering a great customer experience (CX) relies on offering user-friendly technology that gets it right first time, every time. We’ve all called a company only for them to play ‘pass the problem’. It’s usually a result of disconnected systems and isolated agents. Stop this from happening by tying everything together and automating where it makes sense.

Take control of your claims service process and easily build new solutions to digitise and automate your claims lifecycle. Our low-code solution, Liberty Create for claims provides a fast, effective way to improve your processes, fast.

The world is a different place now

As the world adjusts to the ‘new normal’ customer expectations
remain high. Choosing or having to use digital channels means the spotlight is on business to provide a seamless claims service experience, regardless of channel.

It’s those little touches that really improve your CSAT or NPS – like knowing a customer’s interaction history without asking, or solving a tricky problem in seconds.

Join up your systems to gain complete control and visibility across
your contact centre so you can deliver a consistent, high-quality
standard of service.

Create better, faster solutions

Liberty Create for Claims is a low-code platform that empowers your people to improve processes, fast.

It democratises access to IT resources, so you aren’t held back by complex processes, legacy tech or a lengthy IT queue.

There’s minimal disruption and you won’t need to blow the budget.

Create better, faster solutions to improve CX and reduce cost.

Time for change

The insurance industry finds itself at something of a digital crossroads.

The industry has never been an early adopter, but consumer demand is predicated on the experience they get through the technology.

User-friendly tech is no longer a nice-to-have luxury.

And the idea of ‘digital disruption’, of being out paced by the new kids, is a daily reality. The need for digital transformation has been a part of insurance IT strategy for years, but it’s no longer something for some indeterminate tomorrow.

Find out more about transforming CX

But where to begin?

Here are just a few ways to use automation in a digital claims world…

Expectations have changed. In a digitally enabled world many customers prefer and expect to be able to engage with their insurer online. For simple claims collect the required information online then use it to drive automated workflows.

Evidence submission

Automatically request photos rather than requiring the customer to call. Images can be uploaded from mobile devices, providing a realistic view of the damage or loss. This also reduces the likelihood of exaggerations and fraud.

A single view of the claims record

Automate your workflows and bring together all the documents, communications and evidence. Extract them from other systems and third parties for a joined up view.

Proactive customer communications

Create automated alerts at each point of the journey to keep customers updated as part of the claims service. Improve the experience and drive higher retention.

You don’t need to start from scratch

If you were starting from scratch, the legacy systems you rely on would have no place in your plans.

You’d have a system based on what your customers want, not what your data dictates.

The beauty of Liberty Create for claims is that you can have the best of both worlds. You can take the data from whatever old system it’s sitting in, and use it to give your customers the claims experience that they want.

Better together

Make a team, consisting of people from IT and customer facing claims teams. Give them the tools and backing they need to solve your customer experience problems together. In weeks. Not years. That’s the dream, right?

It’s here. You can do it now.

Netcall’s Liberty Create for claims is a low-code platform. Low-code lets non-developers build, test and launch applications without writing code.

What is low code?

Smooth and seamless

It’s a much more organic approach, rooted in practical reality. The people who really understand the claims service process can redesign it so it’s better to use.

So it’s automatic. Intuitive.

Create can draw data from your legacy systems – you don’t get rid of them, it just sits on top of them, supplying data but not customer facing.

Clunky, disjointed, infuriating customer journeys can be replaced by smooth, seamless, automated processes.

Find out what makes great CX

You can automate – from FNOL to settlement

Imagine the scenario: a customer has a burst pipe and uses the app on their phone to tell you.

Claims service validation checks and fraud indicators run in the background, while a plumber is called in, someone is sent to remove the carpets and an estimator is booked.

Later that day, a dehumidifier arrives on site.

All of this is automatic and the customer is kept informed of every step by text, email or app notifications. They have a number to call with questions or issues.

Three weeks later, someone goes to check the area is dry and books the decorator. At the end of the process, the customer is informed that everything is done and asked for feedback, comments or suggestions.

Find out how Liberty Create builds a better customer experience

Low-code is low risk

This process, apart from being hugely more efficient for your customers, will actually save you money.

Yes, you can improve your CX, whilst simultaneously reducing costs.
Automation reduces costs by speeding up the routine claims service process. ‘Right first time’ is quicker, your customers are happy and your reviews get better.

You can make it all low risk, start small, roll out successes and scale it up as you go. It’s fast, collaborative and measurable.

It’s also easy to change, which means you can adapt as you need to, so it’s effectively future proof.

Want to see it in action?

Join our 20 minute webinar: What is Liberty Create?

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