Efficient complaints handling

Valleys to Coast digitally transforms tenant complaints in a matter of weeks.

Rise in resolution time
Easier for staff to raise complaints
Accurate reporting


Valleys to Coast (V2C) provides and manages over 6,000 homes across South Wales. Building on the successful implementation of a Liberty Create case management solution, the team needed to respond quickly to the announcement of new complaints regulations. They needed a fit-for-purpose solution to effectively manage and report on tenant complaints.

We wanted to avoid reinventing the wheel. The template provided a really good, solid foundation for us to develop our own systems that would meet our own specific requirements.

Louise Davies, Valleys to Coast

Rapidly adapt for compliance

In 2021, the Ombudsman for Wales announced a new complaints standard for Welsh Housing Associations, driven by the Complaints Standards Authority. Supporting the aim of effective complaints handling, the changing regulations required the collection and publication of complaints data, along with internal changes to processes and reporting.


Tenant Hub

Tenant Hub offered V2C the ability to join up systems and provide information on one page. Working with Netcall and Clyde Valley Housing, the team used an existing template as a base on which to develop their own application to meet their specific requirements.

Efficient complaints process

The team can now easily allocate lower level repairs complaints to individuals who directly manage the work. This results in quicker resolutions, freeing up time for the repairs complaints team to manage more complex cases through to completion.


The Reports view within Tenant Hub offers comprehensive oversight of all complaints and is fully searchable. V2C can also capture complaints being resolved at the tenant’s first point of contact. To help ensure a consistent and accurate audit trail, historical data was cleaned and imported into the system. Now, the in-house team can rapidly customise reports in line with changing Ombudsman requirements.

The low-code opportunity

The team could see how Tenant Hub built on the Liberty Create low-code platform could enable them to transform. Instead of having to start from scratch each time, it gives access to pre-built apps that automate and digitise critical processes. That’s meant processes and systems are 90% ready for use, leaving 10% to tailor to their needs.

Delivering early outcomes

Developing a culture of continuous improvement takes time and commitment. The in-house development available with Tenant Hub and low-code enables Valleys to Coast to create a new culture and foster skills within their teams.

Build. Iterate.

The design team works in an iterative manner, so began by test-driving a small set of cases. They chose one back office team and worked with them to transform one process at a time, changing the culture of ownership. Processes are people-centred and workflows are designed to support the internal and external (tenant) users. This collaborative building approach has resulted in standardised handling across processes — increasing V2Cs capacity to deliver improved overall outcomes.

We really wanted to bring that capability in house so we can respond to emerging business needs and use an agile approach.


  • Efficient complaints handling
  • 88% improvement in complaints resolution
  • Positive internal audit review
  • 50% easier to raise complaints for staff
  • Less duplication
  • Complaints audit trails
  • Accurate reporting
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