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Virtual Visits Accelerator

Providing remote inspection by video to improve efficiency as well as customer service

When you employ staff that visit remote sites for inspection purposes, making best of their time is critical, whether they are loss adjustors, building inspectors, field-service or utility engineers.

Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits is a Liberty Create Accelerator which reduces the need for people to travel to site locations for inspections. It eliminates multiple repeat site visits by allowing remote or virtual visits to be scheduled so that the contact on-site provides the requested information.

There are many applications… The Virtual Visits Accelerator has proved useful so far for:

Utilities companies – for remote equipment inspection

Insurance – for loss adjusters reviewing items with a claim against them

Construction – for building inspections

Field service engineering – for assessments of equipment with issues

low-code virtual visits
Low-code 101 Webinar

Our Solution Architects show the Virtual Visits Accelerator and how it was built in Liberty Create

Virtual Visits Feature Sheet

Find out more about the Virtual Visits Accelerator

We have created a seamless digital inspection process app using Liberty Create low-code technology. The Technology Assisted Inspection app allows site managers to upload photographs for digital review by our inspection team. Capturing images of ‘live’ construction remotely, means that we can work with our builders more efficiently, enabling them to quickly continue work on site following our digital review and feedback, as well as creating a useful audit trail. The app pilot proved that this approach was much more productive for our Inspectors and customers, with 91% of site managers rating the app as easy to use.
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The Virtual Visits Accelerator is available for any Liberty Create customer to download and start using straight away

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