Feature Sheet – Water LaunchPad

Apps to help water companies improve the experience they deliver for customers and developers

Improve processes directly impacting C-MeX & D-MeX

The water market is changing. There’s never been a greater focus on innovation and delivering the best experience for customers and developers. Ofwat’s customer measure of experience (C-MeX) and recently introduced developer services measure of experience (D-MeX) are designed to promote the delivery of greater levels of service.

Water LaunchPad is a set of apps designed to help organisations quickly innovate and improve experiences for customers and developers.

Often, it’s the gaps between existing processes that cause a disconnect between wanting to deliver great customer experience and actually being able to. Water LaunchPad includes apps designed to knit these processes together. It’s designed to get you started with a set of tools that can deliver immediate value to the business and provide a platform for future development where processes can be digitised and improved for staff, customers and developers.

Apps may be shared with industry peers and because every water company runs their processes in a slightly different way, they can be customised to meet 100% of your needs.

You can read or download the full Water LaunchPad feature sheet here.