Open House with DTL Creative

Recorded: Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Dave Loudon shows you how to achieve real value for both money and customers.

Open House is a series of thought leadership webinars with experts from the housing sector. Each session focusses on a different CX transformation challenge and is packed full of housing specific advice. Attendees to the live events leave with a practical checklist of steps to take and pitfalls to avoid.

DTL Creative

In March, our Open House with DTL Creative was presented by Dave Loudon, Managing Director. Dave is a very experienced and well-respected member of the housing community and he founded DTL Creative Consultancy 10 years ago. Having previously been a director in a housing association himself, his consultancy focusses on finding creative solutions and ways to employ technology for social landlords.

Watch our recording, where Dave explains how housing organisations can balance processes, people and technology to achieve value for money as well as real customer value. He looks at measuring project and transformation value and explains the steps you should take to ensure transformation success. He also outlines his underlying principles on this, which include these focus areas:

  • True success in transformation is only possible when processes, people and technology are in balance and working together
  • Careful consideration must be given to each: process, people, tech. You can’t get true success by focussing on only one aspect.
  • Measuring value is important to driving change – the three pillars of cost, ROI and value for money
  • Value results when tech can efficiently improve performance and also adds to the quality of service to customers

Open House with DTL Creative:


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