Tenant Hub 25 October 2021

What is
Tenant Hub?

What is Tenant Hub? It’s a case management framework with a self-service portal, made specifically for housing associations.

It’s a stand-alone solution, but it easily integrates with third party systems. Use it to bridge the gaps of your existing solution and drive customer experience. You’ll be able to manage the entire end-to-end tenant journey and move to a digital system quickly and transform your tenant experience.

Find out more in this animation about Tenant Hub’s out-of-the-box solutions, which include a self-service portal, an omnichannel contact centre and solutions for case management, payments, arrears and property management. Plus, you’ll get access to share and download housing-specific applications


Tenant Hub Platform

Enabling housing associations to keep up with the increasingly complex needs of today’s tenants

Housing Associations

Supporting your vital role in building communities for over 20 years, we help our customers to manage over 750,000 properties to deliver a streamlined tenant and team experience

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