Internal product demos

These videos have been created to help facilitate the conversation with your customers and shows them some of the capabilities of the product through short demonstrations.  They have not been professionally created and we would expect them to be most useful when you are sitting with the customer and you would like to show them a snippet of the product in action.  They are for your use and should not be sent out or left behind with customers.

A short 4.05 minute demo showing general switchboard functionality in ContactCentre 59R looking at logging in, directories, call history, adding notes to contacts, incoming call and caller details. 



A short 2.44 minute demo showing switchboard pager functionality in ContactCentre 59R covering Meet Me paging for a complete automated process and direct paging. Also demonstrates the paging interface when you are not on a call for direct paging.

A short 2.03 minute demo showing Workspaces within ContactCentre 59R to save agents from having to use multiple applications, for example payments interface, CRM and web chat. 

In this short 2.25 minute demo experience how to improve the percentage of calls answered by 15% and improve average time to answer by 82%.

Gain unique visibility and control with Netcall's QMax Workforce Management Software and QueueBuster Call Back technology. 

Enhance customer services and deploy staff more effectively by blending call back and agent shift optimisation technologies.

A short 1:14 minute demo showing a telephone call coming into CC59R, the screen pop and the seamless integration into Case Management.

A short 1:40 minute demo showing both the customer and the agent view of Web Chat and the integration with Case Management.

A short 3:08 demo looking at Social Media within the contact centre. It looks at a supervisor's view of social media trends and how they can review and evaluate their team's performance. It also shows from the agents point of view how social is an added stream coming into the contact centre. 

A short 3:44 minute demo exploring some of the reporting functionality within CC59R. It shows how a supervisor can get a left to right view of all activity coming into the call centre, the skills required and whether or not they are achieving their SLA's.

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