The Universal Queue
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Multichannel consistency

Do your customers get the same experience across voice, email, web chat and social? Customers want to contact businesses at any time using any device. They expect the same level of service, no matter what channel they use. Bolt-on systems for each channel makes it difficult to have full visibility of customers' interactions, often resulting in frustrated customers having to repeat information.

Changing expectations

In today’s world, customer expectations are high but their experience can be very different. If they do not receive the service they expect, 26% will head to social media to express dissatisfaction. Consumers don’t want to wait long. 73% of adults say “valuing my time” is the most important thing in providing good customer service.

​The way customers interact with you is changing. Are you under pressure to handle customer interactions or are you falling behind?

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An integrated approach

Delivering multichannel customer contact means your service needs to seamlessly integrate into your customers’ everyday lives. By routing multichannel customer queries into a universal queue and through a set of customisable rules, you can ensure each request is answered by a skilled agent. This will increase first contact resolution and customer satisfaction rates, whilst lowering failure demand and repeat contacts.

Strategic decisions

Whatever channels you use, we have found the following features to be important:

  • Universal queue
  • Prioritisation by urgency/importance
  • Skills-based routing
  • Real-time multichannel monitoring
  • Integrating CRM and other systems
  • Context driven information capture
  • Synchronised workflow

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