Moving from manual ad booking processes to low-code tech

Disconnected processes were holding this broadcaster back. By using Liberty Create low-code, they introduced structure to the data being used and reduced reliance on manual spreadsheets

Liberty Create

Broadcaster pulls the plug on manual ad booking processes for low-code technology.

This broadcaster provides businesses with a platform to reach over 95% of the population through carefully-placed adverts across a number of channels. TV can be a cost-effective way for businesses to reach large audiences – at a time when they are relaxed and receptive.

Overcoming outdated processes

Advertising spend is a key revenue driver, but their disconnected processes were holding them back. The entire advert booking process was run on information gathered in a range of spreadsheets, which was proving to be a time-consuming and onerous task, and also proved to be problematic when it came to the suitability of advertising requests.

To add to that, managing the campaigns whilst adhering to compliance rules meant that the process was even more time-intensive. And IT resource and availability was already stretched.

Digitising through low-code

By using Liberty Create, our low-code software solution for business users and developers, they are now able to instantly add more structure to the data being used and reduce reliance on manual spreadsheets. They now have a joined-up process that uses a traffic light system to give full visibility of all slots, availability status and costs. The sales function can now focus on driving order closure and optimise revenues. And they can give immediate feedback to their clients and colleagues.

Advertisers can directly enter the campaigns they want against shows, removing any manual communication between the sales hub and advertising teams. This helps to ensure there is a clear process flow and set of responsibilities to users at each stage. Digitising through low-code had enabled them to create a system to manage ad bookings more effectively. Not only can they drive greater efficiencies internally, but also make sure that advertising customers are best placed for future campaign success.

Manual booking process to joined up process

Since starting the 12-month pilot, they have already seen tremendous results. Thanks to the simplicity of low-code, they have been able to completely digitise the ad booking system extremely quickly and within budget. So now they can maximise spend per slot. Their team is now trained to build their own process improvements, which will help with easing the IT resource barriers.

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