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Swifter resolution, less headaches

Mortgage applications can be complicated. There’s a lot of information to collect, consolidate and check. It’s no surprise that many customers expect to be able to complete this process online.

It should mean a better, faster and more streamlined experience. But, that isn’t always the case.

Your systems may still be disconnected, with data in silos, creating a time-consuming and frustrating journey for customers and employees. Legacy systems are hard to update and often struggle with digital processes.

So, how do you fix this?

Use low-code to build a seamless process that manages mortgage applications, effortlessly.

Faster processing and happier customers

Build a mortgage application process to suit your unique needs. Then, iterate and update as often as you need to, in line with regulatory changes or changing demands.

Integrate data from legacy systems to enable a seamless flow. And keep customers updated with proactive notifications on their application progress. The result? Team members with more free time to focus on delivering a great experience, with the right information at hand.

The benefits

  • Intelligent data collection forms – customers can quickly add and upload verification details and proof documents. And enjoy a great user experience on any device.
  • Automated workflows – drive downstream activity to reduce manual errors and speed up processing.
  • Total visibility of your application process – how many, when they came in, who’s dealing with them, where they are in the queue.
  • Fully secure and compliant – essential in ensuring all sensitive data is protected.
  • Integration with all your other systems – such as websites, CRM, ERP and third parties – cutting down time-consuming manual work wherever possible, and ensuring applications are dealt with precisely and efficiently.

See how you could use the power of low-code to speed up and improve your mortgage processes.

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