Intelligent automation for automated complaint routing

Provide faster complaint routing with intelligent automation, to deliver seamless customer complaint handling.

Liberty RPA & Liberty Create

Handling complaints quickly and efficiently

Customers don’t like to wait. Especially when things go wrong and they need to make a complaint. Handling complaints quickly and efficiently can be the difference between reinforcing brand loyalty or driving customers to your competitors. Join up disjoined systems with seamless processes to speed up resolution and ensure the right information is available to the right person at the right time.

Intelligent automation speeds up the manual workflow. You can tie all of the complaint process together so that incoming complaints are easily routed without manual intervention.

Seamless complaint handling

Using the advanced AI capabilities built into Liberty RPA, incoming customer communications can be parsed to understand both the content and, using sentiment analysis, their intention. This includes emails, social media messages, voice messages and more. Messages can then be routed to the team or experts best equipped to address the customer requirement. Providing faster routing can lead to fast turnaround and a better customer experience.

For business and IT users

Liberty RPA is designed for both business and IT people to be able to use. It automates interactions with existing systems on a screen. It replicates the actions that a person takes when they are operating various different systems and does those things automatically. With simple drag-and-drop techniques, it’s easy enough for anyone to create their own automations.

The benefits

  • Speed up complaint resolution by streamlining the complaint handling process
  • Improve the flow of incoming complaints to reach the right person as quickly as possible
  • Remove time-consuming manual admin for your teams, freeing them up to focus on resolving customer issues

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