NHS waiting list priorities

NHS England have asked hospitals to contact patients to check if they still need their operations. The outcomes will help determine waiting list priorities.

Liberty Create

Get an instant reply from patients

Sending letters to all patients, or calling them, is costly and time-consuming. Our NHS waiting list priorities app, built in Liberty Create, allows Trusts to instantly contact patients and get responses back in real-time.

Patients are sent SMS messages and asked to provide a secure response online. Patients who did not initially respond are sent reminder SMS messages. Letters are then sent to any patients who haven’t provided mobile numbers. Those patients can then access the website, complete the survey, and provide their mobile number. The outcomes can help Trusts determine their waiting list priorities.

The benefits

  • Cost saving
  • Reduction in administration
  • Better response rate
  • Access to real-time information
  • Customisable messaging

Watch our short demo to see this app and related processes in action. It shows how patients are sent SMS messages and asked to provide a secure response online. Everything can be easily configured to your needs. We can also show you how admins can update the messages, response options and even sending options. And we can take you through the reports that are available to help you manage this NHS waiting list priorities app.


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