Operational Resilience with Intelligent Automation

How the right low-code and RPA approach can mitigate the potential for operational disruption

Financial Services
Liberty Create & Liberty RPA

New software innovations without the risks

The Financial Conduct Authority want to ensure that the financial services industry and those operating within it, can cope with shocks both expected and unexpected and that consumers are protected from their impact. There are many financial services companies that in part:

  • operate manual processes and need to automate these quickly and efficiently
  • run legacy systems that may need augmenting or replacing
  • need to make system and data changes quickly and efficiently
  • would like to make automation more easily accessible and available

A proven, resilient platform

Netcall’s intelligent automation offerings provide a route to enhancing and demonstrating operational resilience.

Liberty Create and RPA provide significant benefits that improve operational resilience:

  • reduce the complexity of software development and task automation, and make it available to a wider group of people to benefit from (citizen developers as well as pro developers)
  • provide out-of-the-box security and governance controls and tools to ensure they’re used in the right way
  • delivery as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) meaning Netcall takes ownership and responsibility for providing, supporting and managing all of the platform infrastructure.
  • Netcall’s ISO27001 and ISO9001 certification extend to all areas of the operation, not just a 3rd party hosting site. Liberty Create is typically hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) benefitting from the highest levels of availability and scalability.

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