Netcall for Water companies

Digital innovation for water companies

The consumer is now taking centre stage for water innovation. And the answer to the new engagement challenges lies with digital services. User-friendly tech is no longer a nice-to-have luxury.

Why does customer experience (CX) matter for water?

Water companies have long been focused on delivery to customers, less so on engaging with those customers. With an efficient service and a captive audience, they’ve never really needed to be.

But now CX is now front of mind, there has never been a greater focus in the water industry on innovation and collaboration both with customers and each other.
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The COVID effect

This is obviously a very difficult time for everyone. But some people have lost their jobs and/or their incomes, and the last thing they want to be worrying about is how they are going to pay their water bill.

Citizens Advice estimate 6m people are behind on water payments as a result of COVID. So how do water companies deal with the surge in the sheer volume of people who now want to contact their water company.
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Please hold. Your call is important to us.

The water company model involves a very large number of small customers. And if a large proportion of those customers suddenly want to talk to you, dealing with them all individually – on the phone, say – can quickly begin to cost you more than the bills are worth. That way lies ruin.

That’s where Liberty Create comes in. It helps you automate processes and avoid long call queues.
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Low risk and future proof

Create helps you improve your CX, whilst simultaneously reducing costs. Automation reduces costs by speeding up routine processes. ‘Right first time’ is quicker, your customers are happier, and your C-MeX surveys get better and better.

You can make it all low risk, start small and roll out successes, and scale it up as you go. It’s fast, collaborative and measurable. It’s also easy to change, which means you can adapt as you need to, so it’s effectively future proof.
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Get started quickly with our Water LaunchPad

Jump-start your low-code development and address your most pressing challenges. Water LaunchPad is a set of pre-built applications specifically designed to help water companies quickly improve operational efficiencies as well as the experiences of customers and property developers. Including:

  • Payment Support Portal
  • Water Supply Application
  • Remote Inspection
  • Customer Surveys

This starter pack brings together everything you need to accelerate time-to-first-app including software licences, training, AppShare and Community access.

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How UK Power Networks is getting (and keeping) the lights on

Discover how UK Power Networks uses Liberty Create to connect the customer journey, helping both staff and customers.

  • Integrated with ERP systems to speed up process management
  • Reduced manual data entry saving 8,000 hours of processing quotes, raising jobs and scheduling
  • 66% efficiency saving on quotes that don’t convert to orders
  • Improved upon already high customer experience standards and scores
  • 10 FTE time reduction saved within 12 months of implementing low-code
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Create has allowed us to lock down the process to ensure it goes right, first time.

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We are pleased to announce that we have joined British Water as part of a sector initiative bringing disruptive digital technology already delivering significant value in local authority/NHS and financial services towards the utilities sector and its supply chain.