Flexibly manage contact centre resources
using workforce optimisation

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Improve operational performance

The volume and frequency of contact centre traffic is a challenge. Add into the mix the complexity of staff scheduling. To optimally manage your contact centre's resourcing, you are likely to need assistance.

The ability to monitor quality and agent performance is key to contact centre performance. As is having the ability to retrieve customer interactions. Both ultimately affect the customer experience.

Flex your resources

You need solutions that seamlessly fit with your specific business needs. Solutions that allow you to flexibly manage your contact centre without requiring additional resources.

That's where our workforce optimisation tools come in. They automatically calculate and forecast demand based on contact centre traffic. This helps you determine exact staff requirements. And you'll see responsiveness improve at peak times and overheads reduce in low periods.

Discover QMax on your journey to Workforce Optimisation

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Key challenges

Is your staff scheduling a manual and time-consuming process? Do you struggle to identify staff training needs due to poor reporting? Are you unable to record, measure and evaluate agent performance and customer interactions? Do you manually send out generic customer feedback surveys? Is your visibility and monitoring of your contact centre’s performance limited?

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