Use Cases

Here are some quick examples of how people are using our solutions.
Take a browse around these use cases from across the Liberty Platform.

The the rise of remote working and social distancing can make site visits a challenging process. Virtual inspections provide a fast, effective way to carry out inspection tasks remotely, using photographic evidence to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Our automted payment support application allows customers to reach out for support 24/7. And gives them more freedom to set up payment arrangement in their own time.

Request management can make or break great CX. With low-code you can build the request management process uniquely suited to your needs, then iterate and finesse as often as you need to, according to customer feedback and changing demands.

Customer portals have become the cornerstone of great customer service. They meet customer demand for self-service while easing the burden on your contact centre. Discover why building a portal using low-code is a simpler, more cost-effective alternative.

The typical customer or employee onboarding process is plodding, manual, and inefficient. You need to capture data from the customer, process it, check it with third parties, and file it. Intelligent automation lets you rethink this workflow. You can tie all of these systems together in an app so that data flows from A to B, securely and with no manual intervention.

A leading global professional services firm acting as a global insurance broker and representing many of the world’s leading organisations. Across the Spanish broking sites the broking process was clunky, inconsistent and prone to error and double data-entry. Liberty Create simplifies and standardises the broking process.

Advertising spend is a key revenue driver for this broadcaster, but their disconnected processes were holding them back. By using Liberty Create low-code, they introduced structure to the data being used and reduced its reliance on manual spreadsheets.