Tech driving seamless CX

Replacing a customer engagement platform with a single integrated solution to deliver seamless experience across all service channels

The challenge

The UK’s most recommended bed retailer, Dreams, set out on a journey to replace its customer engagement platform with a single integrated solution, aiming to deliver a seamless experience across all service channels and elevate customer experience even further.

Delivering a seamless experience across all service channels

The customer service advisers were having to use multiple systems, which didn’t talk to one another. They couldn’t get the information needed easily – it stopped them from being as efficient as they wanted. Flexibility was also crucial: making changes often needed IT support and sometimes took days if third parties were needed.

There was one customer service phone line, which acted as one big funnel, and a source of frustration. They wanted to open up more channels easily, as well as having control on updating and adapting their systems.

Dreams deployed our omnichannel contact centre, Liberty Converse and our low-code platform, Liberty Create to address these challenges.

“When Converse went live it was a complete breath of fresh air. Suddenly, we could see easily and explain what we’re doing for any customer that contacted us. We could put customers in different, more appropriate queues. We could make changes at the touch of a button. It took a weight off everybody’s shoulders to have the flexibility we needed.”

Sam Johnson

Head of Customer Services, Dreams

The solution

“The CX focus is why we chose Netcall. And the technology has been proven. At Dreams, the name Netcall has become synonymous for successful projects. With Liberty platform, we got everything that we were promised and it has worked so well for us.”

Sam Johnson

Head of Customer Services, Dreams

The result

  • Liberty Converse provides real-time data and reports on why and how customers are contacting Dreams, providing specific insight to the board to drive business decisions
  • Chatbots and AI were introduced to help customers quickly with simple information
  • Their team of 70+ advisers found Liberty Converse extremely intuitive and genuinely enjoy using it
  • Liberty Create provided the power to make changes really quickly, which empowered advisors to make suggestions for further improvements
  • The same headcount with a new system to support the team in doing a better job, with the ability to report and act more effectively has driven change across the business
Hear it for yourself

Mike Logue, CEO at Dreams, is passionate about developing great places to work that provide exceptional customer experience. Listen to him explain the importance of moving to digital, keeping the business nimble and staff engagement. And how these factors impact the exceptional CX that Dreams is renowned for.

Living the Dream

Armed with Liberty platform, Dreams is developing their team of multi-skilled advisers, handling a blended work stream including calls, chat and emails – advisers can switch. This makes them more efficient. And for advisers, it prevents monotony. Dreams give their team the freedom to consider new solutions to improve the customer journey. It’s truly customer-first.



data and reporting drives decisions

Chatbots & AI

improves customer experience


to make changes quickly

Truly customer first

Here’s how you can delight your customers with a powerful fusion of self-service automation and human interaction while empowering your teams with the essential tools for exceptional service.

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