Workforce Engagement Management will power up your team

Create great employee experiences and deliver exceptional service efficiently. Our Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) tools will give you the advantage.

Let’s align agent productivity with customer satisfaction

Liberty’s AI-powered Workforce Engagement Management tools will empower your team to excel. You’ll elevate the customer experience and reduce operational costs at the same time.

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Eliminate productivity bottlenecks

Ensure that teams have intuitive tools and resources to handle customer interactions efficiently.

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Flex your team to meet demand

Optimise staffing schedules to fit customer contact patterns and employees’ work/life preferences.

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Improve quality and compliance

Effectively monitor quality assurance processes to ensure your team hits service standards.

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Reduce attrition and costs

Create a positive workplace and support your people while improving their efficiency.

Workforce Engagement Management made simple

We offer the core components of any good WEM software that will get you the results you need and make informed decisions without any gimmicks or fuss.

“The agent dashboard is a game changer for our team – everyone knows what’s happening, and it’s improved their work lives. It’s now easy for us to make changes ourselves, which was impossible before. Our agents can now deliver their best service and they are also empowered to suggest new additions to enhance our delivery to customers even more.”

Nara Burne

Business Change Manager – Customer Experience, East Midlands Railway

Let’s talk about Workforce Management

If you want to find out more about Liberty Converse’s WEM capability, contact us now

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