Take control of tenant arrears and income collection

Anticipate and address potential rent payment challenges before they escalate with Rent-IQ. By leveraging predictive analytics, you can identify at-risk tenants and proactively engage them with early warnings and tailored support.

Tenant arrears are on the rise


of income managers have reported higher rent arrears in the last 12 months


rise in the number of households in rent arrears attributed to increased cost of living


total value of rent arrears (11% increase since 2022) as housing providers struggle to collect payments

Source: On the Edge: Cost-of-Living Findings from the Council Housing Sector’, National Federation of ALMOs, August 2023

Rent-IQ helps with income collection

Rent-IQ® is software designed to analyse rent payment patterns. It helps housing providers and income officers mitigate non-payment risk and optimise resource allocation, saving valuable time and money otherwise spent on debt collection. By focusing on high-risk cases, property managers can efficiently allocate staff resources, ensuring maximum effectiveness in rent management and tenant support.

Keep ahead of the curve

Know which tenants will have trouble paying before it becomes a problem.

Helpful support

Proactively and automatically warn tenants of the imminent issues and offer a helping hand.

Stay on track

Automate case management to keep your revenue targets on track.

Proactive communication

Save time and money that would have otherwise been spent on debt collection.

Focus on what’s important

Prioritise staff time on high-risk cases so resources are maximised.

Let Rent-IQ do the hard work

Recognise changes in tenant behaviour and take action with automated responses and management.

Why Rent-IQ?

Streamline operations and boost efficiency by automating manual tasks. Seamlessly integrate with your existing telephony and housing management software.

Reduce manual tasks and improve productivity

Integrates with existing telephony and housing management software

Transparent, competitive and inclusive cost model

A powerful, intuitive solution to income collection

Rent-IQ includes call handling, case management, prioritisation, predictive analytics, campaigns, workflows and reporting.

Smart income collection software

Rent-IQ is a solution on our Liberty platform. With user-friendly, AI-driven tools, you transform quickly to automate processes, streamline workflows and make managing tasks and tenant engagement easier, quicker and more productive.

Rent-IQ – key features

Easy data integration

Access all tenant information in one place.

Tenant history

See a complete view of tenant payment data.

Payment behaviour alerts

Use AI to recognise changes in tenant payments.


Identify which tenants need attention.

Case notes & management

Easy-to-use case note entry, repeat call lists and reporting.

Task automation

Generate call lists and recordings, all linked to tenant records.

Proactive communications

Automated comms to tenants through email, phone and SMS.

Payment management

Easily manage payment plans and lease terminations.

See Rent-IQ in action

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Rent-IQ in action