Getting (and keeping) the lights on with low-code

Using low-code to connect the customer journey, helping both staff and customers

The challenge

In a sector where you are scored for every customer interaction, CX is crucial. UK Power Networks own, construct and maintain the electricity infrastructure across London and the South East of England – making sure the lights stay on.

Consumers understand very little about connecting electricity to their property or premises, mainly equating it to switches and wires, rather than the massive cables below the road, or the transformers and power stations needed to turn on a lightbulb.

Introducing automation to the CRM

The SAP CRM system is a core tool at UK Power Networks – it was robust but without automation capability. Trying to give customers good service while using a system with manual processes proved problematic, particularly at busy times. Using Liberty Create, our low-code platform, they set out to integrate the CRM and to automate several elements of a process.

“Our use of Liberty Create has been transformative for UK Power Network’s digital ambitions. Intelligent automation allows us to rapidly develop, deliver and maintain new digital services for our customers.”

Dave Roberts

IS / IT Director, UK Power Networks

The solution

“We are excited to continue our digital journey. The Liberty Platform gives us a solid foundation and Netcall provides the tools that we need today, plus growth opportunities for the future.”

Dave Roberts

IS / IT Director, UK Power Networks

The result

  • Low-code enables business users, who are not trained in coding, to share some of the development work – IT’s workload doesn’t build up and delay the process, and standards and security are not compromised
  • Routine tasks are reduced – staff are free to focus on providing better customer experience
  • Manually completing an application for a customer took 12 minutes – the process was completely automated by Create, saving 12 minutes for application. UK Power Networks handles roughly 24,000 applications per year, so the time saving is staggering
  • Surveys, which took a member of staff 12-15 minutes to raise and book, have been reduced to 30 seconds due to the automated processes – now all staff have to do is find a convenient slot on the planning board and Create takes care of the rest
  • The system populates information – so there is less repetitive manual work, beneficial for training, retention of staff and for business continuity
  • Processing applications is quicker, easier and with fewer errors
  • The customer journey is altogether smoother and slicker
The highest standards

The standard of service that UK Power Networks delivers is stringently measured by their regulator, Ofgem. A range of their customers are regularly surveyed, being asked how satisfied they were and to score UK Power Networks out of ten. As such, excellent customer experience is one of the highest priorities for the CEO and the business, delivering outstanding customer service in the way that the customer chooses to receive it.

UK Power Networks tops the league table in customer experience (CX) measurement. This is judged on a number of aspects, including planned interruptions, general enquiries. It is very important to them to retain this position and the Liberty platform is helping them to drive forward in raising the CX bar.

Tackling project after project – Hear it for yourself

UK Power Networks can equip people in the business, those who really understand the process, with the tools that they need to automate existing processes. They are using Liberty Create to develop many new digital journeys which deliver award-winning customer experience – watch the video to find out more.

* DNO – Distribution Network Operator

Find out how UK Power Networks have used Liberty Create to drive new digital services for customers, to deliver lean methodology efficiencies and to intelligently automate GDPR compliance.


8,000 Hours

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