Netcall for Insurance

Take the pain out of claims

Transform processes, reduce the cost of claims and provide superior CX with our low-code and contact centre solutions.

Insurance is changing

The way customers choose their insurance is increasingly based on the experience they and their friends have had.

How has their claim been handled? How much of a hassle was the company to deal with?

While customers are interested in the cover and value, experience has become the deciding factor.
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The time is now

Delivering a great customer experience (CX) relies on using user-friendly technology that’s no longer a nice-to-have.

You can’t start from scratch. What you need are apps that build upon the significant investments you’ve already made.

Apps that can knit your systems together to replace clunky customer journeys with smooth, seamless and connected processes.
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Claims management in motion


Don’t get stung

Customer journeys can twist and turn and it’s easy to lose track of key information. This is a big problem. Clarification can lead to investigation and an investigation can lead to sending ‘that’ letter. Make sure you send the right message at the right time on the right channel with Liberty Converse.

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Working with Netcall, we set out strict targets and not only met but exceeded them within a month! We were so impressed by the pilot scheme that we decided to roll the system out to additional More Than contact centres.

Digital automation is no longer an option

It’s time to thrive in the ‘next normal’. Automation of processes to avoid failure and drive better user and customer experiences is key.

Liberty Create is a new approach to developing great apps. It can help you build everything from small apps to fill process gaps impacting customer experience, through to claims handling and management systems in their own right.
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Pick up the pace and collaborate with low-code

Create is quick and easy to learn and use and it’s a solution that adapts to your needs. Best of all it allows your business people who know how to deliver the best experience, to build apps themselves with IT supporting them and providing the security, control and governance needed.

Close the disconnects between your systems. Build new apps and deliver industry-leading CX that wins and keeps customers.
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Get started quickly with our Insurance LaunchPad

Jump-start your low-code development and address your most pressing challenges with our Insurance LaunchPad.

This starter pack brings together everything you need to accelerate time-to-first-app including software licences, training, AppShare and Community access.

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Automation in departmental silos is the root cause of many broken processes. One process pro at a large insurance company lamented that many processes broke as a result of COVID-19 driving a new class of remote workers.

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People choose their insurance company now based largely on peer reviews. How good is the cover, are they quick to pay out, is it good value, what is the experience like? So how do you make claims easy?