Netcall for Insurance

Better service, without the premium

Make sure your customers always leave satisfied with our low-code and contact centre solutions.

Tackle the applications deluge

It’s not unusual for an insurer to get hundreds of thousands of applications and that creates a lot of work. We can help you automate time-consuming steps and speed up your application process. For example, use chatbots to answer frequently asked questions. Or use low-code to reimagine the bad or broken processes that are slowing you down. The more bots doing the heavy-lifting, the more time your people can spend on the important bit: making a judgement call.
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Take the pain out of claims

When the worst happens, the last thing a customer wants is a frustrating claims experience. They want to hit ‘claim’ and forget about it. With Liberty Create, you can create apps and services to simplify the task. Automate what can be automated and reduce the stress. And if your app isn’t 100% right first time around, you can improve it. There’s no need to start from scratch or rehire a developer either. Process owners can deal with it themselves.
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Don’t get stung

Customer journeys can twist and turn and it’s easy to lose track of key information. This is a big problem. Clarification can lead to investigation and an investigation can lead to sending ‘that’ letter. Make sure you send the right message at the right time on the right channel with Liberty Converse.

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Context is king

Don’t make your customers relive the moment every time they call. With Liberty Connect, you can join all your channels into a single thread. Every call, text, tweet and Facebook message is brought together, along with any background notes and related information. So when they call, your agents are prepared.
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Liberate your data

Data silos are a serious problem for any insurance firm. When your people can’t access the right info they have no chance of creating effective processes and joined-up customer experiences. Liberty Create helps you shatter these silos and pull data from almost any system. That way, every app you build will be powered by reliable and up-to-the minute customer information.
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Working with Netcall, we set out strict targets and not only met but exceeded them within a month! We were so impressed by the pilot scheme that we decided to roll the system out to additional More Than contact centres.