Digital solutions for insurance – the ideal software platform

Improve operational efficiency with straight-through processing. Use low-code apps to seamlessly exchange data across the whole value chain. By digitising manual processes, you’ll reduce friction and errors, while boosting performance.

Push past the limits
of legacy systems

You don’t need to rip and replace your existing tech stack to transform at speed. Simply link your legacy systems with new applications that deliver the information you need and provide a great customer experience.

Use valuable data to
power smart decisions

Gain a competitive edge with easy access to external and internal data. Provide one version of the truth and enriched information – empowering your people to make better-informed underwriting and claims decisions.

Win lasting loyalty
with a standout CX

Making a claim is stressful enough for customers. None of us wants to tell the same story to five different people. So let’s close the disconnects between your systems, build new apps and automate easily. Deliver industry-leading CX that wins and keeps customers.

Accelerate outcomes
and reduce costs

Consumers expect a fair and reasonable settlement, as quickly as possible. Improve claims efficiency with straight-through processing. Build apps and solutions that allow you to seamless exchange data, automate manual processes and reduce human error.

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Smarter digital services can give you the edge over rivals


of large UK companies say tech is more important now than five years ago


Improving efficiency and customer communication in the claims process

Benefits for the insurance sector

Netcall enables you to achieve your business goals faster as you respond to new challenges and opportunities in the insurance sector.

Accelerate business

Drive up efficiency by automating manual or broken processes.

Sweep aside roadblocks

Integrate simply with multiple systems and parties.

See the big picture

Provide a central platform that gives visibility across all parties.

Make better decisions

Get access to richer data and use AI to sharpen decision-making.

Reduce time and fraud

Gather evidence via automated requests and image uploads from mobiles.

Enrich experiences

Enable automated alerts so customers always feel valued and connected.

Liberty for insurance

Transform how you manage your policy servicing, claims, new business and customer engagement. Deliver greater convenience and productive workflow solutions designed for insurance – and get a competitive advantage.

Partner ecosystem

Our capabilities are evolving at speed, enhanced by a growing partner ecosystem
that includes niche specialists and global advisory firms.

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