Explore the tangible results and real-world impact that Liberty has brought to our diverse customer base, showcasing how it has empowered them to excel in their respective industries.

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Our industry know-how

Liberty platform is the trusted choice for over 600 organisations.


Find out why 75% of NHS Trusts and Boards rely on Netcall. Put simply, we’ll enable you to achieve your NHS organisation’s goals faster.

Local Government

Tap into Netcall’s deep public sector know-how – and rely on our proven tech. We’re enabling councils to improve services for citizens while making dramatic savings.


We work with housing providers to streamline, automate and enhance services. With Netcall, you can resolve issues faster, access valuable reports in real-time and save your staff from mundane tasks.

Retail & Consumer Goods

Netcall is at the cutting of edge of innovation for retail and consumer goods. Work with us to connect stores, customers and contact centres with a single platform.

Financial Services

Netcall enables leading banks and other financial services brands to become more agile in a highly-competitive space. Find out how to keep your team and customers better connected.


Netcall helps insurance companies to transform how they manage policy servicing, claims, new business and customer engagement. We reduce friction in the insurance value chain.

Rail, Utilities & Construction

We work with some of the UK’s largest field services organisations, understanding their complex challenges and finding robust solutions that deliver a rapid ROI.

Liberty platform

Welcome to your AI-powered business automation and communication platform.
Liberty puts you in control and makes your best ideas happen — at speed and scale.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals

“It was a partnership that we worked with Netcall. They were on every call with us. They were at the Board with us. They’ve done everything on the NHS App with us. They really helped us deploy at scale so we’re up to about 92% of services now.”

Rob Child

Programme Manager (Outpatient CSU) – Leeds

UK Power Networks

“We are excited to continue our digital journey. The Liberty platform gives us a solid foundation and Netcall provides the tools that we need today, plus growth opportunities for the future.”

Dave Roberts

IS / IT Director, UK Power Networks


“The CX focus is why we chose Netcall. And the technology has been proven. At Dreams, the name Netcall has become synonymous for successful projects. With Liberty platform, we got everything that we were promised and it has worked so well for us.”

Sam Johnson

Head of Customer Services, Dreams

Waverley Borough Council

“Collaborating and using the AppShare is one of the major positives of Liberty platform and Citizen Hub. All local authorities are feeling the same pain points, providing the same services. We’ve shared some of our work with the Netcall Community – we can all benefit from processes that councils up and down the country are implementing.”

Linda Frame

IT Manager, Waverley Borough Council

Customer stories

Dive into the actual impact of Liberty platform on our diverse customer base, and see how it’s driving excellence in their industries.