Additional use cases

The endless use cases of Liberty

Almost any business in any industry can use our solutions. Here are a few examples of common use cases.


When someone reaches out to their energy provider they’re usually in a tricky situation. Maybe they’ve lost power, or their worried about a gas leak. Or perhaps they just have a pressing question about their bill. Whatever the query, it’s not a good idea to keep them waiting. Liberty Connect lets your customers choose the channel they want to be contacted on. So the right agent or chatbot can help them solve their problem.
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Any business that deals with transport needs to keep customers both safe and satisfied. But achieving this balance can be difficult if you’re under-resourced. See how Liberty Create can help you streamline operations and unlock resources.
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Travel and leisure

Every holiday should be a fun, stress-free experience for your customers. But the reality is that issues will arise – at the hotel, at the airport or anywhere in between. It’s how you handle them that counts. With Liberty Create you can tackle customer queries rapidly by building a centralised system for reporting and managing issues. That way everyone goes home happy. 
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Universities aren’t expected to have a state-of-the-art contact centre but sometimes you’ll need one. During clearing, on graduation day and when you need to accept tuition fees – these are all times when parent and student interactions peak. Liberty Converse lets you establish dedicated channels to tackle this deluge of messages and calls. That way you don’t leave anyone on hold (or lose out on potential students).
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