Liberty Create

Low-code platform

Liberty Create is our low-code development platform that enables you to quickly and easily produce applications that automate and transform the business and your customer experience. Power your digital factory.

Build applications – FAST
Use the low-code platform to build full-stack apps between 3-10 times faster than traditional development. The drag-and-drop interface (UI) makes it easy to handle data and workflow processes to build apps that deliver great user experience (UX). Cover the entire app life-cycle with a powerful business process automation engine. Deliver innovation to the organisation and react to changing needs.
Widen your pool of developers
Make development easier, so more people can build applications. Professional developers go faster and become full-stack developers. Citizen developers benefit by building apps based on knowledge of the process, without the need for coding knowledge. Together business users and IT collaborate to address the organisation’s need to rapidly innovate using low-code development platforms.
Enterprise grade web and mobile apps developments
Extend the capabilities of your pro developers through our Code Studio. Application builders have the power they need to build secure, enterprise-grade applications that scale to the needs of the whole organisation. IT has control of the platform to manage security and governance issues.
Plug the gaps with powerful integration
Build apps for digital-first processes using low-code development tools. Address functionality gaps between existing systems. Powerful integration capabilities mean apps will no longer be built in functional silos. Instead, they’re joined up to provide the reach and scale needed to grow.

Our customers

Discover how some of our customers are using Liberty Create low-code development platform to quickly deliver exceptional experiences every day.


Nationwide Building Society case study on digital transformation in financial services, highlighting the use of low-code app development for banking.


ITV striving for operational excellence: training business developers on low-code platforms to respond to digital disruption.

Croydon Council

The Liberty Create low-code platform is instrumental in delivering frontline digital resident services in order to meet Croydon Council’s Digital Strategy. 

UK Power Networks

In a sector where you are scored for every customer interaction, CX is crucial. UK Power Networks uses Liberty Create to connect the customer journey, helping both staff and customers.

HTB - The specialist bank

Pioneers of a new [digital] approach to support expansion goals. They use low-code development technology to build the systems they need and manage process improvement, internally.


Cairn Housing Group transforms the tenant journey from the beginning to the end of every interaction. Cairn is harnessing the power of low-code development to ensure no tenant is left behind.

Cumbria County Council

Cumbria County Council’s digital transformation strategy delivers huge savings and achieved industry leading response times with a direct positive impact on council user experience.

Key features

Liberty Create is faster, easier and less expensive for your teams to build applications.
It’s also bursting with features that will help you automate business processes to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

End-to-end development

Every aspect of the application development lifecycle is addressed with easy-to-use tools that don’t require a software coding background. It’s really simple to get started with Liberty Create.

Learn more about end-to-end development
  • Define your application – build, test, deploy
  • Design the process to automate
  • Define the data model
  • Build the user interface using drag and drop


It’s a struggle to build new applications in functional silos. They need to integrate with and build upon the investments you’ve already made in systems.

Learn more about Integration
  • Fill functional gaps left between systems
  • Automate processes between existing systems
  • Provide a single view of data
  • Easily import and export data

Platform governance, management and security

As an enterprise low-code software platform, Liberty Create has been built from the ground-up to have security at its core.

Learn more about governance
  • Security and governance control
  • GDPR built in from inception
  • Delivered in AWS Public Cloud
  • Operational resilience

Intelligent automation / hyperautomation

Intelligent Automation is the automation of processes at scale. Right across the organisation, processes need to be automated in software. Combine Liberty Create with Liberty RPA and our AI tools – it provides the platform to deliver.

Learn more about Intelligent Automation
New to intelligent automation? Find out more
  • Directly integrate with systems
  • Access third-party software
  • Use RPA software robots
  • Digital transformation at scale


An online space for those involved in the design, modelling and implementation of low-code. So rather than making a fresh start on every new application, Liberty Create customers can tap into work already engineered by other customers and Netcall itself.

Learn more
  • Applications library
  • Free of charge to platform users
  • Access to hundreds of resources
  • Share best practice in the forum
  • Suggest new ideas, vote for your favourite features
  • Events
  • Support portal access

See low-code technology
in action

Watch this short 4 minute video below to see our low-code platform solution, Liberty Create, in action.


Low-code for you

Liberty Create is for digital leaders who are looking to drive information and technology transformation. 

The pace of change in your organisation is too slow. And when improvements are delivered, the requirements have moved on. You need your organisation to be more agile. At the same time, you are trying to manage costs and risk and ensure they never become an impediment to the innovation you need to see…
Read more
IT Director
The pressure on your team in unrelenting. As well as supporting day-to-day operations, you’re being asked to drive innovation and push the organisation forward. Traditional software development is complex, costly and often takes too long…
Learn more
Business Manager
Getting digital-first processes built is tough. Your IT team has so many demands being made of them and you don’t always have the development expertise in your own team. Solutions end up being built in spreadsheets and maintaining them becomes a nightmare especially when people move on…
Learn more
If you’re always looking for a way to speed your development efforts. Whether it’s reusing a prebuilt routine or quality code from before or deploying the latest time-saving framework or plugin, productivity is important to you. Being recognised as delivering the innovations the business needs is important and the workload only seems to grow.
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CX Designer
It may have become a cliché, but it’s never been truer: the only constant is change itself. How easily we’re able to not only react to change but be proactive with it, goes a long way to determining how successful we can be. It’s important not only to be able to build and reengineer processes quickly, but to be able to constantly iterate and improve them.
Learn more
Contact Centre Director
Without solid integrations between your numerous systems, you may be frustrated with the disparate data your customer facing teams have to deal each day. Your customers expect a better experience, yet you cannot reference a complete customer profile and history. Architecting a smooth, consistent customer journey needs a connective layer between existing systems at the backend.
Learn more

AI-powered Automation & Customer Engagement

Liberty is a tightly integrated suite of customer engagement and intelligent automation solutions that lets you manage and improve your customer experience, effortlessly. Take a look at what else is in our toolbox.

Liberty Create:
Low-code platform
Dream it, Build it. Build almost any app you can dream up. It’s tailor-made for citizen developers but includes all the functionality that seasoned pros rely on. 
Liberty RPA:
Robotic process automation
Free-up people.
Use software robots to increase accuracy, quality and scalability while reducing human error. 
Liberty Connect:
Conversational messaging
Go digital. Exchange messages with your customers over almost any digital channel, and add chat bots to your comms stack.
Liberty Converse:
Contact centre solution
Unite and optimise. Track and improve agent performance and connect all your communications channels in one feed. This is the tech that made us famous.