Our low-code solution

Liberty Create

Low-code software for business users and developers. Unite your innovators on one system to improve processes and build better customer experiences.


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Blistering speed

We help our customers build full-stack apps ten times faster than they used to. How do we do it? Low-code offers a simple drag-and-drop UI, a toolkit that covers the entire app life-cycle and a powerful business process automation engine.

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Anyone can use it

Create was designed especially for business users and we’re always trying to make things as simple and easy-to-use as possible. You don’t need to worry about endless training either. Give us three days and we can turn anyone into a low-code developer.
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Devs – we’ve got you covered

While we designed Create for business users, we didn’t skimp on tools for career developers. Our web-based IDE has got you covered. Expect syntax highlighting, function autocomplete, debugging and logging.
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Go with the flow

Apps are as easy to adapt as they are to build. Rejig components, add functionality and roll them out in just a couple of clicks. You’ll be live before you know it.
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Be in the know

Drill down into the core of how your low-code apps and processes are performing. Create dashboards or run reports to identify the key areas of improvement.

A complete toolkit

Our low-code software Create covers the entire app lifecycle:

  • Design the process
  • Create the app (and add custom code, if you like)
  • Roll it out
  • Link to your other systems
  • Test it out
  • Sign it off
  • Track performance
What's new in Liberty Create v2020.2?

Three studios

Now, for the first time, your customer experts can collaborate with IT to create winning solutions to common customer experience issues. Citizen developers build apps quickly and easily in a secure and compliant environment – while IT retains control and approves the builds.

Our studios within our low-code software create a nice line of demarcation between building, coding and testing.

Build Studio

Where the magic happens, business users create apps using drag-and-drop.

  • Visual process & data modelling
  • Responsive apps for desktop, tablet & mobile
  • Automate business logic via the rules engine
  • Integrate with any REST or SOAP API
  • Deploy instantly with embedded DevOps
Join us on a 3 minute tour of the Build Studio

Code Studio

Devs dig in to create more complex applications.

  • Extend your UI themes with custom CSS
  • Build UI widgets to display your data, your way
  • Extend the platforms capabilities with custom plugins
  • Install & share via our Community
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Test Studio

The perfect place to test and roll out changes on the fly.

  • Create regression tests of your apps
  • Trigger tests suites as part of your deployment process
  • Automate scheduled tests, 24/7
  • Alert and report on failure
Hampshire Trust Bank deliver project ahead of time, find out how

Seven ways low-code can help you improve CX

Digital transformation just got a whole lot easier. Meet some of the businesses putting low-code to work today – Nationwide, HTB, Adur & Worthing Councils and Cumbria County Council.

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Why Liberty Create?

Watch this clip from a “What is Liberty Create?” webinar. It explains what’s great about our flavour of low-code and four ways that it can benefit you in building simple and complex applications, fast.


The Liberty Create Feature Series

Discover the Liberty Create Feature series. A series of videos that looks at some of the exciting technologies and functionality that Liberty Create has to offer.


Episode 1

Watch the first in the series to discover Test Studio, database views via ODBC and integration with Liberty Connect, our omnichannel messaging solution.


Episode 2

Watch the second in the series to discover AI Services, Open ID Connect, page builder improvements and theme packs for code studio users.


Episode 3

Watch the third in the series that looks at our Liberty On Premises Adaptor, ensuring that your data is only available to your Liberty Create applications.


Episode 4

Watch the fourth in the series that takes a look at some of the headline features in Liberty Create v2020.2 – Monitor Studio, Help Portal and Controller enhancements.

The low-code platform is central to our digital architecture. It enables us to focus on delivering flexible solutions and a responsive, tailored service.
We’ve shown we can transform existing services with low-code. Having the ability to create new, digitally-enabled services proves our vision has been justified.
Low-code is amazing, it’s so agile. Within weeks you have something tangible that you can test, use and iterate in real time.

Three steps to start your journey

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Get it installed.

You can use Create through the cloud, or we can help you set it up on your own servers.

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Get your team trained.

It’s just a three-day course. Or your people can hop online and learn low-code in their own time.
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Get creating.

Set up new low-code instances in just one click. Then it’s time to get building.
Let's go, try Create


In this short webinar, we explain Liberty Create low-code. We focus on how it’s different to other low-code solutions and the benefits it delivers to organisations across all industries. Plus, you’ll see it in action!