Scaling up ISA processing

A system for ISA processing specified and built within 8 weeks in low-code

The challenge

A global financial crisis created an upsurge in the demand for new ISAs, as people moved savings in and out of various banks. Unfortunately this led to poor service across the sector, as processing teams were unable to cope with increased work volumes. This led to a consequent surge in chaser phone calls and customer complaints. This accumulated poor customer experience resulted in bad PR, compensation claims and even fines and sanctions.

This backdrop led Nationwide to overhaul their ISA processing function. They needed a workflow solution to streamline the application process and dramatically improve customer experience. And they needed it fast. Having deployed some highly successful systems using Liberty Create, they turned to our low-code platform to meet this challenge.

“Liberty Create has made a telling contribution to Nationwide achieving its best ever ISA peak performance. The society processed record levels of ISA business.”

Head of ISA Processing, Nationwide

The solution

The result

  • Nationwide were able to successfully process over 100,000 ISA applications per week
  • Full ‘track and trace’ of all ISA activity
  • Scalable solution
  • Real-time management information to enable superior caseload monitoring to meet SLAs
  • Automated customer communications dramatically improved customer experience and reduced inbound chaser phone calls
  • Exposure of all inflow and outflow of funds giving Treasury Reports for an up-to-the-minute picture of all liabilities and gains
  • Visibility of which banks and building societies are requesting transfers
  • Intelligence of where new customers are moving their money from
Hear it for yourself
Streamlining for efficiency, customer experience and scalability

Nationwide is now one of the UK’s top ISA providers by volume and value. At peak volumes, the Liberty Create solution helps Nationwide to successfully process over 100,000 ISA applications per week. The building society has achieved significant efficiency gains and cost savings since the implementation. Crucially, they have achieved excellent customer satisfaction ratings from the same system.

Nationwide has deployed many highly successful systems using Liberty Create, including Social media monitoring, Banking alerts, Mortgages, Digital banking resilience app, Bereavements and Complaints. By doing so, it has achieved significant efficiency gains and cost savings across a range of operations.


8 Weeks

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customer communications


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