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We talked to Ross McQueen, Customer Services Manager at Blackburn. They discussed the impacts and adaptations that have been made during and since the pandemic, how and why they have deployed self-service options and chatbots and answered the question: When is a contact centre agent not a contact centre agent?

Previously, Hampshire Hospitals posted appointment letters to patients. With over 8,000 different letter templates available it was difficult to manage and inconsistent. Sending out appointment letters was a costly admin burden.

Catch up on our Community event, SafeDesk. As many of us start our planning on how to return to the office, or have already returned, how we can ensure everyone is safe is a big topic. Here at Netcall we have been working on a great new app called SafeDesk.

Allow your teams to deliver much improved service when you digitise and automate your customer service process. Gain far greater visibility of what’s happening. And make it easier to measure performance (outside of contact centres), generate real-time alerts and notifications and ensure better reporting and early identification of issues and trends.