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Liberty Converse, our omnichannel contact centre management solution, provides powerful screen recording capabilities across multiple monitors. Designed to extend agent support, screen recording provides an invaluable asset in supporting more effective agent evaluation across digital channels.

Early in 2020, the Trust was chosen to be a Phase 2 trial site for the LAMP test, a simple all-in-one saliva test that detects Coronavirus and gives results in 30-45 minutes. It offered huge potential for mass testing. They needed a way to record the test results, fast.

This session was hosted and facilitated by Dave Briggs, Head of Digital Operations at Croydon Council and founder of LocalGovCamp. Watch this 90 minute discussion and see Dave quiz and probe 5 local authorities who have all adopted a low-code strategy.

When pragmatism and imagination combine, at last, communication flows, processes unite your departments and you can make simple fixes, quickly.

For housing associations who want to focus on delivering a streamlined tenant and team experience, Netcall’s Liberty Platform is a tightly integrated suite of customer (and tenant) engagement and intelligent automation solutions that lets you manage and improve your total experience, effortlessly.