Work smarter with a single, actionable patient view

Create capacity, drive efficiency and improve patient and colleague experience with the transformative power of Outpatient PRM. Access key information quickly, through a powerful single view of patient data – increase speed of response, improve back-office performance and deliver better experiences and outcomes for patients.

Empower staff, streamline patient experience

Service-centre agents in NHS Trusts often have to grapple with multiple systems, manual processes and disjointed data – resulting in prolonged call times, high volumes of repeat calls and anxious patients. This places further strain on an already stretched workforce. Outpatient PRM is software that brings patient data sources together, so service-centre agents and patients have one source of truth, in one place.

Reduce call times

A complete and relevant view of the patient on-screen can save over a minute per call

Improve quality

Resolve more patient enquiries, faster – reducing repeat calls and enhancing patient experience

Remove black holes

Configurable automated workflows replace email-based requests – delivering the visibility needed for effective management

Faster access to key patient information

Faster access leads to better response times, improved performance and better outcomes and experience for patients. Outpatient PRM is technology software that presents the opportunity to reverse the vicious cycle of patient frustration, stress for agents and operational inefficiencies.

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Single view

All relevant sources of patient data brought together (referrals, appointment and interactions).

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Contextually relevant

Present the appropriate patient information in meaningful way to assist outpatient administration – on-screen or to action in workflow.

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Enable service-centre agents to decide the next action from information on screen or to drive workflow rules from context derived from interaction, referral or appointment data.

A springboard for transformation

Outpatient PRM is a turn-key solution that unlocks transformative potential. A single, contextually relevant and actionable view of the patient that provides the foundation for both immediate and long-term improvements in the management of the outpatient pathway.

Built on the Liberty for Health platform, the unified data provides both a clear view on screen and a foundation for automation and workflow management.

Immediate efficiency boost

Deliver a time-saving single view to service-centre agents straight away

Enhance service performance

Remove blind-spots and avoid internal requests disappearing into black-holes

Raise operational quality

Improve visibility and audit trails leading to fewer mistakes and a platform for improvement

Improve patient engagement

Reduce waiting times and resolve more enquiries, first time

Streamlined workflow automation

Increase productivity, accuracy and visibility of back-office pathways

Contextually relevant insights

Enable better in-call decision-making and identify operational bottlenecks

Why Outpatient PRM?

Streamline operations and increase capacity with a contextually relevant single patient view on a single screen for agents. Build effective automated workflows utilising the actionable, unified patient view to drive efficiency, increase quality and improve outcomes.

Empower service-centre agents to respond faster

Reduce manual tasks and improve productivity

A foundation for transforming outpatient administration

A powerful, intuitive solution for outpatient services

Outpatient PRM delivers a powerful toolkit to transform service-centre productivity.

Enhance service, create capacity

Unlock efficiencies, upgrade performance and improve outcomes with a single, contextual relevant and actionable view. Streamline back-office pathways to improve performance and quality with configurable workflows .

See Outpatient PRM in action

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Outpatient PRM in action