Transform performance in local government with Liberty digital solutions

Connect or replace your legacy tech and rationalise your applications to boost compatibility, maintenance and performance. You’ll reduce costs, tackle security vulnerabilities and overcome your teams’ frustrations, while improving services.

Retain top talent – even when resources are tight

Meet your citizens’ expectations while working with budget constraints and limited resources. Empower and enthuse your best people, retain their expertise and safeguard your services.

Remove data silos and gain valuable insights

Easily access important data from across your local authority – and use it to your advantage. Suddenly, you can make better-informed decisions, directing resources to where they’re needed most.

Automate workflows and save money

Save valuable time and resources every day by automating repetitive and manual tasks. You’ll significantly enhance efficiency, reduce errors and improve service delivery.

Enhance your agility and citizens’ experiences

Find new ways to enhance the experiences of citizens. Provide 24/7 response times, enable crisis management and safeguard vulnerable citizens.


savings in licensing for Croydon Council


net of investment over 18 months at Tewkesbury Council


licence fee saving for Newcastle City Council and 2,100 hours saved

Benefits for the local government sector

Citizens expect good services; many need digitising, and financial pressures are increasing. With Netcall, you can find answers and focus relentlessly on citizen impact.

Team up with experts

Tap into our deep public sector know-how and rely on proven tech.

Get a partner who listens

Share your goals and get wise advice and jargon-free support.

Deliver better services

Create standout services, collaborate with other councils via your community and share innovative tech.

Unleash innovation

Launch new digital services faster and at lower cost – keeping up with the latest innovations.

Save money sooner

Break free from unwieldy IT projects. Get ongoing cashable savings.

Always stay in control

Transform at your speed – to fit your timelines and budgets.

Liberty for Local Government

Accelerate your digital transformation journey. Build meaningful citizen experiences and enable your staff with connected workflows, data and AI-powered processes.

Newcastle City Council

“Liberty Create has given us the ability to build new solutions at pace. I’ve never felt so excited and empowered about saying to customers within the local authority that yes, we can do this now!”

Paul Doney

ICT Manager Digital Solutions, Newcastle City Council

“The power is in our hands and we are free from suppliers’ timescales and costs to make the specific changes that we want.”

Henry Ascoli

Digital Customer Experience and Website Manager, Waverley Borough Council

Hertsmere Borough Council

“The Create platform is future-flexible and also provides an opportunity for us to upskill several team members. Plus, the beauty of the AppShare means we can share applications with other councils, making development faster than we could ever have imagined.”

Lee Gallagher

Customer Services & Digital Transformation Manager, Hertsmere Borough Council

Harborough District Council

“We are always looking at ways to continually improve how we deliver services to our customers – along with balancing service improvements with cost and efficiency – Netcall will help us achieve this. With the support provided by Netcall through their mentoring package we have been able to build a framework for future success.”

Rachael Felts

Customer Services and Engagement Manager, District of Harborough

Partner ecosystem

Our capabilities are evolving at speed, enhanced by a growing partner eco system that includes niche specialists and global advisory firms.

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Safe, simple and secure

Can AI ever get out of control – and present serious risks? You can relax with Netcall. We’ve got you covered in the important areas, such as data compliance, reliability and security.