Netcall for Local Government

Better for citizens, better for you

One in four councils use our low-code or contact centre solutions to make life easier for their citizens and staff. Now it’s your turn.

A report by The National Audit Office shows 94% of councils are expected to make service cuts to balance the books. The bite of austerity is real and tightened budgets threaten critical council services. Any council investment must pay for itself and more. Collaboration across local government is the only way councils will be able to meet the financial challenges ahead.

Over 20 years’ experience in delivering digital, self-service and contact centre solutions to councils across the UK

We have a deep understanding of the challenges and the opportunities that you face every day. We can equip you with the right tools to help you tackle these challenges – do more with your legacy systems, do more with the smallest of teams and the tightest of budgets.

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Liberate your legacy systems

We want as many councils as possible to be able to transform their own services. Our Liberty Platform is the perfect tool for the job. A platform that is open to integrations and doesn’t tie you in. And it’s easy to use and administer. That makes it easier for everyone. After all, you understand your services and your customers best.

We give you the tech to deliver better outcomes. From low-code, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence to contact centre and omnichannel messaging solutions that let you make huge transformational changes, fast. And with our Citizen Hub you gain access to pre-built council services and processes to get you up and running in days.

42% cost savings
immediately seen for Croydon Council
£1m savings
in the first 3 years for Adur & Worthing Council
16 solutions
delivered in 12 months, with a team of 4 at Cumbria Council
Saved >£100k
net of investment, over 18 months at Tewkesbury Council

Meet some of our digital transformation award-winning councils

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council
Croydon Council
Cumbria County Council
south hams district council
tewkesbury borough council

Low-code & contact centre solutions for local government

Deliver better services collaboratively

Locked down processes and manual workarounds slowing things down? Low-code technology helps digital teams make updates quickly and easily. Agile development methods add capacity to teams. Everyone has a better focus on the outcomes. And sometimes you don’t want to start from scratch. With Citizen Hub you can access pre-built apps that automate and digitise critical local government processes, fast.

Power (and choice) to the people

Citizens want choice. Many want to self-serve. They don’t want to be forced to use one particular channel. So whether they prefer phone, email, online, chatbots, WhatsApp or Facebook, they should all have the same experience. With our contact centre solutions, they can jump from one channel to another and seamlessly pick up the same conversation. And your agents see all their interactions in one consistent view.

We want to lead on digital, with solutions that are pleasing and accessible for customers, and we want to use cutting edge technology to make every service easy for customers to use.

– Vicky Green, Digital Programme Manager for Corporate Services and Transformation at Ashfield District Council