Housing management solution: transforming tenant engagement

Resolve housing management challenges faster, using up-to-date actionable data and cloud-based housing software. Find new ways to meet customer needs and improve tenant satisfaction.

Take charge of tenant arrears and income collection

Proactively take action and prevent potential rent payment issues with Rent-IQ. Save time and money using AI-powered automation to predict at-risk tenants and improve tenant experience with early warnings and tailored support.

Automate workflows
and save money

Save time and money by automating repetitive and manual tasks. You’ll significantly enhance efficiency and reduce time-consuming errors.

Increase your tenant
satisfaction scores

Ensure that everyone has a voice. Provide joined-up communications that factor in all your tenants’ needs. Give your employees rapid access to actionable information so they can provide help where it’s needed most.

Enhance the quality
of housing services

Find smarter ways to manage social housing, so you can improve the quality of services, promote better living conditions and enhance the well-being of residents.

Remove data silos
and improve insights

Get easy access to valuable information from every relevant system and database. From here, you can make better daily decisions based on real-time evidence. It’s the best way to prioritise admin, repairs, compliance and rent collection to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Housing management solution for exceptional tenant engagement and team productivity


rise in tenant complaint resolution time through digitally enabling case management processes and tenant engagement

10x faster

rapid and customised application development to quickly identify service stresses and manage resource allocation effectively.


of repair cases are raised through digital channels, freeing up contact centre teams, plus a 40% reduction in tenant complaints.

Responding to service challenges in the housing sector

Respond to challenges and opportunities to deliver excellent tenant services and save money. Liberty enables you to achieve your business and customer service goals faster.

Improve tenant engagement and satisfaction through digital channels

Offer your tenants more channels to contact you and automate processes for seamless case management.

Enable swifter compliance with regulatory obligations

Respond quickly to tenant needs and housing regulations for customer service and compliance.

Save time and money through workflow automation

Automate manual processes with rapid application development. Proven to reduce effort and cost.

Remove data silos and improve insights for better performance

Get real-time reporting and a single case management view for meaningful employee and tenant experiences.

Manage rent arrears, complaints and repairs more effectively

Manage all cases effectively for a step change in customer service levels and a decrease in complaints.

Realistic digital transformation at your speed and budget

Let us help you join up your data and processes for smooth, responsive and fast tenant engagement.

Liberty for Housing

Designed explicitly for housing providers, Liberty for Housing is a collection of intelligent automation and tenant engagement products that build trusted experiences and empower your teams. We can help you connect workflows, data and digital channel engagement for outstanding efficiencies and cost savings.

“We wanted to avoid reinventing the wheel. The template provided a really good, solid foundation for us to develop our systems that would meet our specific requirements.”

Louise Davies,

Valleys to Coast


“Since implementing the Liberty Platform, which has enabled us to build MyCairn, all cases are handled quicker; you can instantly see where a customer is in the journey.”

Jenny Thorpe

Senior Advisor, Cairn Housing

Using our rapid application development low-code product, Adur & Worthing built a social housing repairs service that includes self-service appointment booking, operative scheduling, and fieldwork automation.

– 6,850 homes managed

– 17,900 repairs per year

– 24/7 availability

86% customer satisfaction rate

“We wanted to build our own case types and workflows and do that on a system that was easy to do, where we didn’t need code and expertise.”

Paul Byrne

Senior Business Improvement Officer, Clyde Valley Housing Association

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