Our contact centre solution

Liberty Converse

An omnichannel contact centre solution built with the customer in mind. Polish your customer experience and amplify agent performance.


Netcall liberty converse onescreen

See everything from one screen

What your customers are saying. Incoming calls. How your team is performing. Every call recording. It’s all there. Neat and tidy.

Netcall liberty converse unify

Unify channels

Bring all your channels – WhatsApp, Voice, Email, SMS, chatbots – together in one feed so your agents can deliver a truly joined-up customer experience.
Netcall liberty converse dragdrop

Ready-made responses

Control how your brand comes across in tricky situations. Give your agents pre-written snippets so they can rapidly respond to customer queries and issues.
Netcall liberty converse help

Call in help

Give your agents the option to call for backup. They can ping a supervisor to listen in or join a call and get advice in secret, without breaking stride.

Netcall liberty converse report

Report on what matters

Supervisors can build their own dashboards and do analysis on anything they like – average handling time, who’s calling, how quickly agents are picking up and the overall interaction. 
See it all as a graph, break it down by agent or just glance at the current state of affairs.
Netcall liberty converse quality

Keep an eye on quality

Set up your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and match them to specific tasks. Send tricky calls to more skilled agents. Create surveys and scorecards. And listen back to recordings.


Netcall has delivered on its promises. Not only does the product do what they claim but they have kept to challenging timescales and were constantly responsive, rapidly resolving problems and delivering to exact timescales.