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Liberty Converse

A complete omnichannel contact centre solution built with the customer journey in mind. Connect agents and customers on their channel of choice. Leaving you to deliver world class customer experience.


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Award winning contact centre

Intuitive, easy to use and available on-premise or in the cloud. Agents can work from anywhere using a softphone. Skills-based, omnichannel contact routing and queuing. Agent productivity tools include live queue search and pre-designed snippets for fast response.
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Reporting on what matters, in real-time

Keep everyone informed. Teams or Supervisors can customise dashboards and do real-time analysis on anything they like. See detailed queue and agent reporting. Design, schedule and share reports, plus export data into reporting tools.
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Design shifts for engaged teams

Engaged teams deliver better CX. Design shifts, plan rotas and manage agent performance. Support agents with the configurable scorecard, integrated call recording and reporting on agent adherence. Agents can ping a Supervisor to listen, join or offer advice on a call.
Shifts and rotas feature sheet Agent evaluation feature sheet
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Let your callers self-serve

Help callers achieve their goals, fast.
Our fully customisable speech powered IVR offers accurate self-service. If a caller
needs help, the agent gets full detail via
screen pop. Build your own or download
from our AppShare.
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Switchboard and answer bot

Call handling is easy when a speech bot auto answers and directs 70% of your calls. Handle the rest through automated switchboard operators. Send calls to any device at any location. Make use of a central directory, add notes to contacts and support camp-on.
Switchboard feature sheet Speech bot feature sheet
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Reduce call abandons

Offer a call back to improve CX – collect
the caller’s details from either the call or
website and automatically schedule a
call back when an agent is available.
Fully Ofcom compliant, as the Advisor is
always first on the call.
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Deliver an amazing customer experience

  • Amplify agent performance
  • Unify journeys across channels
  • Call in help when needed
  • Report on what matters
  • Keep and eye on quality
  • Integrate with all back end systems
Liberty Converse’s multi-media channel manager has allowed the Council to meet the digital demands of our customers. It provides an application that allows us to manage interactions, by whatever media, in a consistent and corporate manner. The solution has also provided us with some ‘Wow’ moments when we found functionality that we didn’t know was available to us.
From a customer services perspective, the airline crisis was tough. But having full visibility of customer contact put us in a strong position. We were able to assess demand vs. available resource and respond to deliver the best service possible.
It is a trusted application that we use within our business. Just knowing that we can deliver great results to the clients’ specifications within the team is a great advantage.
Liberty Converse has met all the criteria which we identified during the purchase process. It has proven to be an excellent, robust system which directs and delivers the calls appropriately across the Trust’s complex voice and data network.
Netcall successfully helped us to develop and implement a new system that other companies in the industry had said couldn’t be done!

Empower your agents

Make it easy for agents to deliver consistent excellence.

  • Handle any channel – voice, email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, ChatBots
  • Work from any location, number or device
  • Easy to use, responsive work space, with interaction history
  • Fast, consistent service with pre-written snippets for all channels
  • Everyone's updated with the team dashboards
  • Button click for supervisor support
  • Encourage agent response to performance scorecards
Smooth call handling for BBC Studios, read how

Informed management

A clear real-time view of activity across the contact centre.

  • Tailored dashboards provide real-time monitoring
  • Create and schedule automatic reports for data-driven decisions
  • Integrated agent evaluation for consistent quality
  • Easy admin, clear audit of all activities and changes
  • Peace of mind with data protection (GDPR) controls
  • Import reporting data straight into your BI tool using our API
  • Design specific shifts and rotas
  • Monitor adherence in real-time
Read how NCP transforms CX through real-time data and insight

Happy customers

A truly joined-up customer experience from start to finish.

  • Seamless service, no matter the channel
  • Efficient handling of enquiries
  • Personalised experience
  • Rapid response
  • No need for repetition
  • Updates along the way
  • Treat customers right, treat them well
Taking service delivery to the next level for East Dumbartonshire Council, read more

Unifying contact centre channels is one of seven ways low-code can help you improve CX

Channel proliferation should be a good thing for customer-obsessed businesses. You’ve never had more opportunities to impress customers by meeting them where they are. And it just got a whole lot easier.

Meet some of the businesses putting low-code to work today – Nationwide, HTB, Adur & Worthing Councils and Cumbria County Council

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Award winning technology

Voted top contact centre solution in the Call Centre Helper Top 10 Contact Centre Technology Awards in 2019, our customers shared what they love about Converse – overwhelmingly around ease of use, reliability, functionality and customer service.
Take a look at what some of our customers had to say…
Converse is really intuitive and a dream for agents, supervisors and system admin. No issues experienced with the system whatsoever.
Easy to use and reliable. Our IT helpdesk love it.
Very easy to use, no reliance on IT to administer the solution. The support provided is also fantastic.
It’s really easy to use and integrates very well into our systems. It’s allowed us to free up staff administration time when dealing with callers.
Ease of use, functionality and continuous development of the system. Recent changes to allow for omnichannel contact will transform the way we communicate with customers.
Flexibility to change options on site without having to contact the supplier.

Spotlight on features

On-prem or in the cloud

Have it one of three ways. Converse is available on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution.

Your deployment choices matter and there is no one-fits-all answer. There’s a lot to consider – business objectives, financial options, integrations and IT resource. We can help you explore your options and, with years of experience, our technical teams are at your side for every step of the implementation and roll out. Read more.

Any location, any device

The ability to keep your workforce working from different sites or from their own homes has become critical. It’s likely to remain crucial for the years ahead as a key part of your disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

It is certainly an operational feat, but it can be done, with the right technology in place. The flexibility of Converse can make this happen, quickly and without extra stress. Now is the time to boldly advance your digital agenda to improve productivity.

Real-time reporting and monitoring

Imagine if you could design your ideal report, and then schedule its regular delivery to your inbox… well with Converse, you can.

No need to feel defensive, no more being on the back foot. You will know why you’re performing to SLA, and where to look for the next improvement.

Customers tell us the reporting function saves hours of time. Use dashboards to get everyone focused on a single version of the truth, as you enable teams to share common metrics. And then, just import any of the data straight into your BI tool using the API. It’s simple, easy and fast. You’ll be making real-time data-driven decisions in no time. Read more.


Support remote workers to make and receive calls wherever
they are located on their computers or handheld devices.

These software-based phones present the phone interface on the user’s computer. The Converse softphone offers contact centre users the ability to make and receive calls direct on their MS Windows based laptop or desktop device, natively within the WebAgent application. There’s no need for additional software. Read more.


Wouldn’t you like to be able to offer proper channel choice to your customers? If your contact centre is already juggling several channels (which may feel like they are constantly increasing with the proliferation of instant messaging and social networking apps) you need to look at omnichannel.

You need to provide accessibility to all customers. Plus, customers expect brands to respond and interact in real-time. The only way to do this is to invest in a flexible, open and tightly-integrated technology platform, like Liberty Converse. Read more.

Employee engagement

Convincing research shows that engaged employees deliver better customer experience with higher productivity.

As customer services, you need practical ways to show your front-line teams that you have their backs. With Converse, you’ll support them in two significant ways. First with personal growth through our transparent quality performance.

The tailored scorecards are backed with interaction recording to set everyone up for excellence. Second, teams whether on-site or at home will feel secure knowing their supervisors are only a click away. Everyone is supported, always.

Shifts, rotas and adherence

Having the right people at the right time ready to respond to customer demand, makes a big difference. With Converse, this is so much easier. You’ll be free from complex spreadsheets or clunky manual rotas.

Our easy to use schedule planner rapidly builds the required shifts and rotas. As an integrated component, you’ll feel confident that you have the right people on hand, always. And adherence measures help every advisor to appreciate the impact they make on improving service, every day. Read more.

Other Liberty Converse feature sheets

Business Systems Integrations: Microsoft Dynamics feature sheet

Business Systems Integrations – Microsoft Dynamics

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