Effective digital tenant services and case management

Clyde Valley improves workflow processes to transform social housing experience

The challenge

Clyde Valley Housing Association has delivered social housing since 1996, managing around 4,800 properties. To achieve its goal of providing a social housing experience that rivals the best service providers, Clyde Valley needed an effective case management solution.

Meeting tenant expectations

Clyde Valley Tenants wanted to engage with their housing provider online. Clyde Valley also recognised that more engagement through digital channels would relieve the burden of inbound calls on their customer services team, so they set out to meet that demand by offering tenant self-service channels for essential transactional services like making complaints, enquiries, repairs, and payments.

They implemented a case management portal built with Liberty Create’s drag-and-drop low-code solution to provide self-service engagement, monitoring and reporting, and end-to-end control over their repair process.

The solution

“We knew we wanted to be able to do things in-house ourselves. We wouldn’t have had the flexibility to be able to develop our own kind of offerings quickly and cost effectively with an out of the box system.”

Paul Byrne

Senior Business Improvement Officer, Clyde Valley Housing Association

The result

  • Over 21,000 repair cases were raised by the contact centre at the first point of contact
  • 40% repairs raised on Liberty Create and rising
  • 40% decrease in complaints volume
  • Appointments offered at the point of contact
  • Faster logging of repairs with contractors
  • More time for the repairs team to deal with complex cases
  • More repairs were completed right the first time

Tips & lessons learned

  • Involve your repairs team as much as possible
  • Involve your customers
  • Involve your contractors
  • Design it for someone with no repairs background
  • Make sure everyone understands the main goal

“Low-code was the obvious answer for us. We wanted to be able to build our own case types and workflows and do that on a system that was easy to do, where we didn’t need code and expertise to do that.”

Paul Byrne

Senior Business Improvement Officer, Clyde Valley Housing Association

Ongoing developments

To continue to raise the number of jobs through Liberty Create’s case management portal — and free up staff to focus on more complex tasks — Clyde Valley’s team are focused on continuous improvements with:

  • Logging technical inspections centrally
  • A secure payments interface to enable agents to take rent payments through Liberty Converse
  • Pre-tenancy portal with Docu-Sign integration
  • RPA to drive more efficiencies



repairs raised in contact centre


appointment bookings


reduction in complaints volume

Improve tenant engagement

Get common housing management problems resolved faster using up-to-date, actionable data. Find new ways to meet customer needs and improve tenant satisfaction

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