Let’s simplify patient engagement and appointments

Engage patients while ‘Waiting Well’, optimise appointment utilisation and empower patients to be more involved with their care, post-treatment.

Optimise capacity in your Trust

Rapidly validate your patient waiting lists and reduce the total number of patients waiting. Increase patient engagement, minimise DNAs and make every appointment count by adopting digital appointment management.

Go digital with Diagnostics

Free up your staffs’ time and improve attendance, by automating referrals, bookings and follow-ups with Diagnostic Booking.


of departments go live with digital patient appointments in six months with an 88% reduction in manual processing activity


calls answered in 30 seconds, 51 seconds saved per patient call, and 80% of switchboard and operator calls are now handled using automation


of patients engage with the new digital appointments system in just three months, saving 50% of paper and postage costs

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
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Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust and Netcall are shortlisted for Digital Innovator of the Year for transforming Diagnostic Booking, earning a prized place on the panel’s shortlist

Launch of innovative digital diagnostic booking service

“We’ve introduced a user-friendly X-ray appointment booking portal which provides patients with the flexibility to make the appointment at a convenient time and request a call back from the Radiology booking team at the click of a button.”
– Steve Cheung, Head of Radiology

Benefits to the healthcare sector

Netcall enables you to achieve your delivery, efficiency and cost reduction goals faster with our end-to-end digital platform. Built and configured at the ICB, Trust and Place-based levels.

Accelerate digital initiatives

Go beyond simple automation. Transform your most critical organisational processes.

Deliver value with a trusted partner

75% of NHS Trusts and Boards rely on us to support them with substantial transformational changes. We are proven to deliver.

Improve patient engagement

Enable patients to be more involved with their care. Provide them with simple digital communication tools they’ll love to use.

Increase capacity in your Trust

Break free from admin-intensive tasks and let your staff focus on value-added work.

Seamless integration

Our solutions integrate with core Trust systems, enabling effective data sharing across applications.

Build a better NHS together

Our partner collaboration enables seamless NHS interoperability, leaving you to focus on delivering quality patient experiences.

Liberty for healthcare

Accelerate your digital transformation journey via a single platform. Build meaningful patient experiences and support your staff with connected workflows, actionable data and AI-powered processes.

“It was a partnership that we worked with Netcall. They were on every call with us. They were at the Board with us. They’ve done everything on the NHS App with us. They really helped us deploy at scale so we’re up to about 92% of services now.”

Rob Child

Programme Manager (Outpatient CSU), The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

“We are already seeing the positive impact of this work for our patients, and the time staff previously spent on sending out appointment letters is being used to better support patients and make the most of every available appointment.”

Alex Whitfield

Chief Executive, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Working with Netcall has been great. They’ve listened to our ideas, they’ve understood and got the vision of what we were trying to achieve in terms of an end goal.”

Claire Florey

SRO – Outpatient Transformation, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

“On a typical day, by lunchtime, our Outpatients Team answers 575 calls and only had 10 abandoned calls. We are immensely proud of the consistent 95% average call waiting time and the low abandonment rate.”

John Wintour-Pittom

Head of Operations, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Partner ecosystem

Our capabilities are evolving at speed, enhanced by a growing partner eco system that includes niche specialists and global advisory firms.

“It was a partnership that worked with Netcall. They were on every call with us, they were at the Board with us, and they’ve done everything on the NHS App with us. They really helped us deploy at scale.”

Rob Child

Programme Manager (Outpatient CSU), Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

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