Transforming the tenant journey with digital channels and back-office connectivity

Empowering tenants and employees to resolve cases quicker and more effectively.

The challenge

Cairn Housing Association, and its subsidiary Ancho, are not-for-profit charities providing quality, affordable homes and services throughout Scotland.

A new level of demand

Cairn were trying to tackle tenants’ growing needs to request a service or make a payment, at a time and using a method convenient to them. Disconnected back-office systems were holding Cairn back, and causing their team to use workarounds, which added additional complexity and often resulted in errors or stages being missed.

Their goal was to enable tenants to contact and log an enquiry quickly, using a range of channels, and deal with as many queries as possible at the first point of contact. It was increasingly difficult to maintain seamless customer experience for tenants unless they could introduce a range of digital channels.

Cairn implemented the Liberty Platform, our all-in-one customer experience suite.

“Since implementing the Liberty platform, which has enabled us to build MyCairn, all cases are handled quicker. You can instantly see where a customer is in the journey. Pending cases, if carried over to the next day, can be easily picked up by the next available advisor, who is provided with the full case history and can quickly support them.”

Jenny Thorpe

Senior Advisor, Cairn Housing Association

The solution

“The rollout of MyCairn came at a pivotal time for Cairn and our tenants. The pandemic created huge challenges, for our team who were working remotely, but for our tenants too, who faced uncertainty and lockdown restrictions. Never was there a greater need for automation and seamless integration within our processes. The capacity offered by low-code has allowed us to free teams up for more complex decisions and to spend their time on higher-value tasks, such as supporting more vulnerable tenants during their time of need.”

Neil Golightly

Business Services Manager, Cairn Housing Association

The result

  • The digital team developed a customer management system using Liberty Create, our low-code platform
  • Cairn designed and built a new online portal for its tenants called MyCairn which allows tenants to pay rent, report repairs or log complaints
  • Some processes are fully automated, others are followed up during office hours
  • In the first 4 months, 16 services were made available MyCairn for tenants to access at any time (including repairs, complaints, antisocial behaviour reporting and service satisfaction surveys)
  • 5,902 cases were completed overall by both the tenants and the Cairn team
  • 530 satisfaction surveys were returned, with the average satisfaction rating of 8.45 out of 10
  • Built and deployed a welfare call solution in two days, which managed 1,002 calls, emails and SMS in its first 3 months, with each customer given regular updates
Hear it for yourself
Responding fast

The team are now able to segment and identify tenants to tailor services to them via calls, emails and SMS alerts, with the system automatically triggering follow-up contact where necessary.



access across any channel – voice & digital


team can work from anywhere

efficiency & value for money

Revolutionise digital services

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