Digital transformation your way, your pace with Citizen Hub

Citizen Hub is a full-stack, low-code case management, workflow and process automation solution that accelerates digital transformation for councils.

What is Citizen Hub?

Local governments across the UK use Netcall’s Citizen Hub solution to constantly evolve and innovate with its low-code tech.

Its easy-to-use tech gives Council’s own teams the power of low-code development to help them constantly improve services, quickly and cost-effectively.

Citizen Hub enables true ongoing value to Councils and their citizens. With access to many useful local government specific Apps and a widespread collaborative community. Saving time and retaining and developing existing teams.

The result: increased capacity and continual change for the better and with our Manifesto we’re on a mission to work with you, to put you back in control.

With Citizen hub you can..

Liberate data from legacy applications

Create friction-free digital processes and produce actionable insights. Integrate legacy applications and no longer rely on third-party vendors.

Deliver end-to-end digital transformation

Our solutions work for everyone, from the frontline through to agents. And because they are developed by you they can flex to meet your changing demands.

Access powerful tools

Our powerful low-code digital platform gives you digital autonomy now and for the future challenges.

Utilise out of the box integrations

Our solutions and growing Community gives you access to hundreds of useful pre-built applications.

Deliver new digital services up to 10x faster*

Low-code speeds up the development process and for 30%** of the total cost of ownership of traditional approaches.

Infographic shows Citizen Hub value-add features

See Citizen Hub in action…

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Digital transformation with Citizen Hub

Take a look at our video below to experience how Citizen Hub can unleash your digital transformation.

Watch the video to see how Citizen Hub works

Who uses Citizen Hub?
From award-winning teams, to collaboration with other councils, see what some of our customers have achieved.

Waverley Borough Council have transformed resident services using their existing talent to develop new apps and fix processes and by saving time and money by collaborating and downloading digital services via Citizen Hub, our end-to-end digital solution for local government.

Cumbria County Council
Continuous improvement has become part of the team’s DNA at Cumbria. The corporate digital transformation strategy has been superseded by the revelation of how fast things can be improved. Resistance to change is actually diminishing.

Get to know our citizen engagement portal in-depth

Citizen Hub is a unified end-to-end citizen engagement solution that helps your staff work more efficiently and meet your budget challenges.

Citizen Hub: An app for any service

How we interact with our local government has changed. It’s less letters and phone calls, and more websites and services. We can help you meet this demand.

Build self-service apps from templates so citizens can tackle everyday tasks online. It is our toolkit for local government organisations – a framework of screens, processes and rules that councils have asked us for time and time again. Roll out the most common services to the public in just a click – parking permits, blue badges and much, much more.

Learn more about …

Accelerate digitisation with Intelligent Automation

All councils want to create better experiences for their citizens. But, in practice, this is extremely tough. You have to fix a load of broken processes and often technology can be as much of a hindrance as a help.

Intelligent Automation is the combination of Liberty Create and Liberty RPA. They are designed to solve this specific issue. It doesn’t just make it easier for citizens to contact you, it lets you create all-new, automated processes in a flash. So when someone gets in touch with a problem, the right person reacts to fix it and the citizen is notified. All without any manual assistance.

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Free up the phone lines

There are always those times when you get an influx of calls. Election season incites people to ask where their polling station is. Summertime sees a thousand people wondering which parks allow barbecues. The list goes on and on.

We can help you manage this surge. IVR and chatbots can be deployed to manage Q&As and smart call routing can direct calls to the right departments. Everyone’s life just got easier.

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A treasure chest of apps

Sometimes, our customers are willing to share the apps they create and we store them all in our AppShare. During the pandemic our customers have been able to react quickly, producing apps for emergency alerts, status updates to tracking, workforce monitoring and volunteer communication.

Become a customer and you’ll get instant access to all of them.

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We’d love to hear from you

Get in touch with us today if you would like to talk more about the challenges you are facing. We can show how Citizen Hub can help and give you a demo.