Citizen Hub – your perfect low-code digital citizen experience

Accelerate your digital transformation with a low-code application development platform for councils that includes citizen relationship tools and case management – out of the box. Empower your teams to deliver efficient and citizen-centric digital services with purpose-built applications and integrations. Overcome budget constraints, legacy technology and scarce resources to revolutionise digital delivery.

Low-code Citizen Portal for Local Government

Focus on citizen outcomes and take control

Citizen Hub is a full-stack, low-code case management, workflow and process automation solution for councils. You get access to valuable apps designed specifically for local government and can join a collaborative community with your peers. Netcall’s easy-to-use tech gives council users the power of low-code development to constantly improve services quickly and cost-effectively.

Liberate data from legacy applications

Create friction-free digital processes and produce actionable insights. Integrate legacy applications and no longer rely on third-party vendors.

Deliver end-to-end digital services

Our solutions work for everyone, from direct touch-points with citizens and front-line advisers to back-office operations.

Access easy-to-use tools

Our powerful low-code digital platform gives you digital autonomy now and flexibility to adapt to future challenges.

Utilise out-of-the-box applications and integrations

Our solutions and growing community give you access to hundreds of pre-built applications and integrations – purpose-built for local government needs.

Waverley Borough Council

Collaborating and using the AppShare is one of the major positives of the Liberty Platform and Citizen Hub. All local authorities are feeling the same pain points, providing the same services. We’ve shared some of our work with the Netcall Community – we can all benefit from processes that councils up and down the country are implementing.

Linda Frame, IT Manager, Waverley Borough Council

South Hams District Council

Using AppShare gave us a fantastic start. With a little technical help from Netcall, we were able to deploy a live process, built from scratch, that suited our requirements in less than a week from taking delivery of the Liberty Create program. The new app also saved our case management team time by automating as much of the business logic as possible.

Mike Ward

Head of IT Practice, South Hams District Council

Liberate your staff and citizens and streamline processes

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With Citizen Hub, you can access 70-plus pre-built apps, modules and widgets, either developed by Netcall or other councils that are members of the community. More apps are added all the time. Here’s a flavour of what’s available…

Council tax: Move in/move out

Council tax: Discounts/reductions

Freedom of information requests

Pest control cases

Street light repairs

Abandoned vehicles

Flooding and drainage

Fly tipping

Reporting pot-holes

Parking permits

Food hygiene inspections

Tree preservation

View more apps now in our Community AppShare

Meet some of our customers

Camden Council | Connected citizen views

Making a real difference across their community, Camden Council has a vision of giving its citizens a great customer experience, with more choice. To build a holistic, connected view of their citizens, they needed a new CRM system to gain insights into the needs of citizens.

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Low-code citizen portal for local government