Robotic process automation to free up your talent

With intelligent AI powered RPA (Robotic Process Automation), you can streamline your processes and boost efficiency. Liberate your people to use their talents better by releasing them from time-consuming, mundane, repetitive tasks.

Introducing Robotic Process Automation

Use RPA to transform your business – with rapid time-to-value

You can automate a host of business processes by intelligently using robotic tools. Your digital bots will help to eliminate backlogs, remove errors and deliver enterprise-grade performance.

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Transform quickly

Bridge gaps across internal and third-party systems – so everything works faster and better.

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Get a rapid ROI

Build workflows in minutes that can be tested, deployed and scaled at speed.

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Deliver savings

Save money by digitising manual, rule-based processes even without APIs.

Automate smarter

Liberty RPA is a solution on our Liberty platform that gives you the tools to make your best ideas happen – at speed and scale. Let Liberty RPA do the hard work for you.

“We think about our people doing repeatable, mundane activities – it’s really important that we are able to utilise their time in a much more productive way. Ultimately, we believe in the product. We believe in RPA and, with Netcall’s support, it’s been easier to get going and to bring it to life.”

David Robson

IS/IT Director, ATS Euromaster

Robotic process automation – use cases

Your teams know the issues – and AI powered RPA lets them create answers to many business challenges.

Data entry and extraction

Automate how you find, gather, structure and share actionable data across systems and documents.

Customer service

Free your team from mundane tasks to devote more time to valuable human interactions.

Report generation

Gather, collate and analyse data from multiple sources to create valuable reports.

Reconciliation checks

Gather, collate and analyse data from multiple sources to create valuable reports.

Account opening and closing

Turn lengthy steps and checks across multiple systems into an automated, rule-based workflow.

Customer and employee onboarding

Manage set-up, communications and system updates – as well as ongoing progress.

Customer enquiries and complaints

Automate how you handle inbound emails and documents with rule-based triage.

Exception handling

Monitor high volumes of transactions and data, using workflow to manage exceptions simply.

The platform that scales with your needs

See it in action

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